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NuggetsNuggets is an animated YouTube video which features a little white bird, named Kiwi. While taking a stroll, against a simple white landscape, Kiwi sees a golden-yellow nugget on the ground. Kiwi checks the nugget, and without stopping, keeps walking. Kiwi comes upon another golden nugget, and stops. Curiosity finally takes over. The bird examines the malleable nugget, and then consumes it, using his beak as a straw. Suddenly, Kiwi’s eyes and body change into a golden yellow, and the white landscape transforms into the color of butter. Eyes closed, Kiwi blissfully somersaults in the sky. While the little bird floats, ethereal flute music plays.

Finally, Kiwi smoothly lands back on the ground. The bird, along with the landscape transform from butter yellow to pale yellow and then back to white. Kiwi continues on his way, and sees another nugget in his path. Without hesitation, Kiwi guzzles the nugget. Once again, Kiwi’s experience parallels the previous one, except this time, his landing is bumpy. But Kiwi doesn’t care. Instead, he walks with determination. When he sees another nugget up ahead, the little bird races towards it, as if he is afraid another bird will get to it first. After voraciously ingesting the nugget, Kiwi cartwheels in the sky, but the bliss doesn’t last as long as the previous times. The bird falls, rolls on the ground, gets up and shudders. After shaking off some feathers, Kiwi sees another nugget, and runs. After he guzzles the nugget, Kiwi clumsily somersaults in the sky, and crashes on the ground. When Kiwi notices yet another nugget, the frantic bird goes for it. Without hesitation, he consumes the nugget.

His euphoria barely lasts and the bird nosedives into the ground like a crashing airplane. Instead of white, the backdrop and the little bird turn gray. Kiwi does not look too good. Once again, there is another nugget in his path, but this time, after Kiwi ingests it, he just turns grey and falls flat on his face.  But Kiwi persists, and up ahead, sees yet another nugget. The little bird trudges with much difficulty. After guzzling the nugget, the bird briefly turns yellow, and then the little bird falls on his knees, utterly defeated. Kiwi looks up at the sky. Meanwhile, the screen, except for Kiwi’s white eyes, turns black.

With much exertion, Kiwi gets up and staggers towards another golden nugget. The little bird stands and stares at the glowing nugget, and the screen cuts to black.

The first time I saw this video, I thought that Kiwi died, and sadness came over me, as I wiped a few tears away.

After I observed the video once more, I realized that Kiwi does not consume that final nugget. Rather, he stands in front of it, confused.

Kiwi does not know what to do.

That gave me a little hope.

After I saw the video, which had 10,909,867 views, I assumed that Nuggets was about substance abuse and addiction.

The only issue I had with the video is that the golden nuggets remained the same size. As a recovering alcoholic, I recall that after I developed a tolerance to alcohol, I drank more and more.

Aside from that, Nuggets captures the insanity of substance addiction.

Like Kiwi, addicts are only concerned about their next high. The search for euphoria parallels the quest for the Holy Grail.

They are on a dangerous mission.

When addiction takes over, cognitive functioning falls apart. Rationale goes out the window. But our bodies are often good indicators that enough is enough.

And yes, Kiwi does stop. While we are not sure what he does next, he did stop in front of that last nugget.

Perhaps he has a moment of awareness. Deep down, he knows that if he ingests that last golden nugget, he might die.

I hope that Kiwi does not consume the final nugget. I hope that this little bird gets help. Because if Kiwi becomes clean, he will soar much higher in the sky, and will see that the sky is a beautiful blue as opposed to an artificial yellow.

For those of you who are confused as to whether or not you need help from chemical dependency, we at Cycles of Change Recovery Services are here for you.

And we mean that.

Please give us a call, and let us help you.

There is a way out.