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Get to Know Our Alumni: Fire Chief Aaron

Name: Aaron

OccupationFire Chief of Combination Department

Struggled With: Alcohol

Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety


Check out Aaron’s story below and learn more about his battle with alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.



“I realized that my life was getting out of control and unmanageable and Had a hard time just facing everyday tasks. So I was seeking some type of treatment and figuring out what was going on with myself and Currently been here at cycles a change for two weeks.

My name’s Aaron and I’m a fire chief of a combination department. The things that were going on with me before I came to Cycles of Change had an extreme amount of anxiety every day. I had trouble focusing on simple tasks and I’d seen an increase in alcohol use just getting past, you know, everyday focusing.

I realized that something was changing inside me and I knew it shouldn’t be, you know turning to alcohol for things, but I found myself increasing how much I was using each day.

So I found out about cycles of change through a seminar that I went to called “Winning the Battle”

The pain behind the badge was what made me come to Cycles a Change. I knew something was going on with me and I was at a point in my personal life that I knew if I didn’t do something, If I wanted things to get better, that I had to make a step and I had to do something.

If you know first responders, if they’re having any thoughts to not be afraid to reach out for the help and know they can come to Cycles of Change where there is a program for them.”

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