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Find Hope in Recovery at Cycles of Change near Bakersfield

The first step to recovery from addiction is to know that it’s not impossible. The road may be long, but with the right drug and alcohol rehab program near Bakersfield, you can start taking the right steps toward becoming drug-free. At Cycles of Change, it is our goal to tailor drug rehabilitation to your specific needs.

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center Near Bakersfield?

Finding help is easier than you think. Right in your backyard near Bakersfield, you can find the formal drug rehab program you need. The full continuum of care offered at Cycles of Change has a higher success rate than trying to detox or recover on your own.

Complete Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, From Start to Finish

At our rehab recovery services near Bakersfield, we feel strongly that our level of care and attention is paramount to our patients’ success. Across all our programs, it is our continual goal to help patients understand the deeper causes of addiction and how to create positive change through rehabilitation.

All of our drug and alcohol rehab programs near Bakersfield start with the detoxification process. This part of the process is designed to jumpstart the path to rehab center in Palmdale California

After the detox phase of recovery, patients enter into our most intensive treatment option, our residential rehab program. This involves 24-hour a day monitoring and full attention from our caring staff.

To help avoid relapse, it’s important for patients to practice what they learn in everyday life. Our Night and Day program is intended to allow patients the opportunity to use the skills they learn at Cycles of Change.

The intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) allows our patients to participate in psychotherapy sessions. These sessions are innovative and help to further the path to recovery when used in conjunction with other approaches.

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Testimonials From Patients at Cycles of Change

We know how difficult it is to take the first steps toward the path to recovery. Hearing the stories and testimonials from other people like you can go a long way in helping to ease the fears associated with alcohol and drug rehab. Learn more about our staff, treatment programs and luxury facility from people who have experienced it first-hand.

Driving Directions to our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Near Bakersfield

Near: North Bakersfield, CA

If you are coming from North Bakersfield, CA, near Hampton Woods, you will want to merge onto CA-99 S from Calloway Dr and 7th Standard Rd. Stay on CA-99 S for 6.4 miles and then continue onto CA-58 E. Take exit 165 toward Mojave and then right onto CA-58 BUS E until it turns into CA-14 S. Stay on there for 34.5 miles and take exit 33 for Avenue S. From there, take a left on Tierra Subida Ave and then make another left onto W Barrel Springs Road. Stay on there for 0.5 miles until you hit El Camino Drive where you will find our rehab facility on the right side.

Near: East Bakersfield, CA

If you are coming from East Bakersfield, CA, near the Bakersfield Municipal Airport, you will want to merge onto CA-58 E and stay on for 53.2 miles. Take exit 165 toward Mojave and make a right onto CA-58 BUS E for 34.5 miles. Take exit 33 for Avenue S. From there, take a left on Tierra Subida Ave and then make another left onto W Barrel Springs Road. Stay on there for 0.5 miles until you hit El Camino Drive where you will find our rehab facility on the right side.

Near: South Bakersfield, CA

If you are coming from South Bakersfield, CA, get on CA-99 S from CA-119 E. Stay on CA-99 S for 18 miles and then merge onto I-5 S for 21.3 miles and then take exit 199 to merge onto CA-138 E. Continue on and merge onto CA-14 S for 15.4 miles and get off at exit 33 for Avenue S. From there, take a left on Tierra Subida Ave and then make another left onto W Barrel Springs Road. Stay on there for 0.5 miles until you hit El Camino Drive where you will find our rehab facility on the right side.

Learn More About Our Recovery Program

We provide a comfortable and safe detox with a caring staff watching over you. Our experienced and compassionate detox treatment team will be by your side to make sure you have support .

MAT Assisted Detox: Our prescribing physician can help with medication for any physical discomfort you may experience.  Our clinical professionals care about you and want to see you succeed.

Residential substance abuse treatment generally lasts 30, 60, or 90 days. However, some people choose to continue for up to one year.

Our team of addiction treatment specialists will provide 24/7 care. The experienced and compassionate staff members will help you stay on track and teach you to respond to life’s challenges in a healthy way – without your drug of choice.

We provide relapse prevention training and our team will also address any co-occurring disorders. By addressing these areas we can set the stage for long-term recovery.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensive & long-term outpatient program that allows you to go home (or to a sober living environment) each night but still enjoy the support of our clinical staff on-site each day.

Our substance abuse counselors are the best in the field, and will help you remain strong and sober. Through our ‘one-on-one’ and group counseling sessions, you will build personal value  and learn essential life coping skills.

Our Intensive outpatient rehab program (IOP) and outpatient treatment program (OP) provide regular individual and group therapy sessions. Clients reside at home or in a sober living.

Our IOP program requires involvement from family members, friends, and other interested participants.  Our outpatient program includes interactive education groups as well as counseling designed for the individual, group and family.

These sessions are scheduled to work with your outside commitments. You will see individual therapists and physicians (or psychiatrists) up to three times a week.

“It’s hard to find the words to adequately praise Joseph Hunter and Cycles of Change. Prior to discovering Joe, we had years of bad experiences with several treatment centers for our daughter. It’s hard to know whom you can trust and who has genuine concern for a person’s sobriety or who is just in it for the money.

From my first telephone conversation with Joe (while he was on a family vacation) I knew he was different than the other eleven organizations we had dealt with. My daughter instantly made the same connection with him. Joe genuinely cares for people and makes it his life mission to improve the lives of others.” –Parent

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Home-Like Atmosphere

Feel like you’re right at home instead of at a recovery facility.

Personalized Treatment

You will have several ‘one-on-one’ meetings per week to ensure that you get individualized attention.

dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We have the staff and accreditation to treat co-occurring disorders like anxiety, trauma, and depression.

A Blend of Modalities

We integrate individual and group therapy sessions into your personalized program along with relapse prevention and many educational workshops and services.

Private Rooms Available

We offer spacious shared rooms as well as private rooms.

recovering executive

Professionals and Executives

We have  20+ years of experience helping professional men and women get back on on track and succeed in their careers.

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