Addiction Intervention ~ Step by Step

photo of Joe Hunter speaking with Dean - cycles of change recovery services offers addiction intervention and addiction treatment and detoxification servicesRequest for addiction interventions in Palmdale, CA are usually made by family members, friends, a clergy member, or therapist. The addict is usually not a part of the intervention plans made with one of our experienced drug intervention or alcohol intervention counselors.

Getting started
Contact us and our intervention specialists to facilitate the planning. They will describe each step with you in detail and pre-register your loved one into our addiction treatment center. They will also assist you in choosing your team members.

Personal letters
Every member on your addiction intervention team will be asked to write a letter to your loved one describing their experiences with them and to communicate the negative impact his or her addiction has had on them. It is imperative that one team member also create a list of actions that will no longer be tolerated, or financed should your loved one not agree to enter into rehabilitation. Each person on the intervention team will read their letters to your loved one, who at the end of the intervention must decide to make a choice; rehab or the ensured losses.

What to expect
Addiction interventions are usually very stressful and may cause intense anger and feelings of betrayal or resentment. Know that you are doing the right thing and working in your loved one’s best interest. Our trained counselors will be assisting you every step of the way toward your goal of breaking your loved one free of their addiction.

Our drug and alcohol intervention services in Palmdale will provide your loved one with the help needed to combat alcohol, prescription drug, or illegal street drug addictions. An Intervention becomes necessary when your loved one does not understand that they have a problem or not mindful to the negative effects their addiction is having on you or themselves.

For more information about Addiction Intervention or any of our services, please give us a call at 877.977.3271.