Partial Hospitalization: Day & Night Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Program: Relapse Prevention

We offer a safe and healthy environment for recovery.

Our Day & Night Treatment Program (partial hospitalization program) is an intensive, long-term outpatient relapse prevention program in Palmdale, CA that provides you with the opportunity to begin adjusting to life outside the treatment center by going home each night and returning each day to receive the full support of our counselors and the full benefits of our recovery programs during the day.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed to minimize disruptions to your routine. This outpatient treatment program allows for the support of family and friends as well as support from those in our rehab facility. The long-term rehabilitation center’s level of care will retain the structure, supervision and support you need to help you stay on track while transitioning into a life without drugs or alcohol. By returning home at night, you will be able to put into practice the skills you’ve learned to live without drugs or alcohol on your own, in the comfort of your own home, and with the support of your loved ones.

“If you’re thinking about coming into treatment, I would advise that you do. I battled with that decision because I thought that I knew the answers and I thought I could fix this. My pride got in the way, but the best thing I could have done was come to Cycles of Change, because otherwise I would not be where my life is today.”

Gary, Cycles of Change alumni

Partial Hospitalization & Relapse Prevention

At the Partial Hospitalization stage of your recovery progresses, you may wish to begin a transition to resuming a normal lifestyle by taking classes, or going back to work while attending counseling programs in the evening instead of during the day. The evening programs focus on relapse prevention and coping skills helping you identify the triggers that can trip you up on your journey and how to avoid them.

Is Day & Night Treatment the Right Step for You?

A counselor will help you decide if Partial Hospitalization is the right choice for you. Treatment will include relapse prevention workshops, basic life skills coaching, and possibly regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure that you are remaining sober to ensure relapse prevention.

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