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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Cycles of Change Recovery Services is California’s premier alcohol rehab treatment center, equipped with the staff and tools needed to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. With office locations in Palmdale, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, our individualized treatment and recovery programs are designed to help you gain the knowledge, courage and determination needed to live a happy and productive life. Alcohol addiction recovery is not easy, but at Cycles of Change you can recover in comfort and leave our alcohol addiction program stronger than ever before. Want to talk to someone immediately? Give us a call for confidential support – (661) 630-4176

Woman depressed from life of drinking

Woman depressed from alcoholism and seeking an alcohol treatment program that addresses her addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Those that are struggling with an addiction to alcohol can display many symptoms as a result of their ongoing addiction. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of addiction in yourself or loved ones in order to take the first step towards recovery. Alcohol rehab may be necessary for those who possess the following symptoms:

  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Drinking alone and/or in secret
  • Neglecting other activities or responsibilities
  • Changes in personality
  • Severe behavioral changes while intoxicated
  • Lack of control of alcohol intake
  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Developing a tolerance and needing more alcohol to become intoxicated
  • Experiencing blackouts or memory lapses while drinking
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal (anxiety, shakiness, sweating, vomiting, etc.) when not drinking

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Drinking too much alcohol, over a period of time or even in a single sitting, can drastically affect a person’s health and well-being. Disease and damage to the organs and cells of the body are just some of the serious health complications that can arise as a result of alcohol abuse.

Overconsumption of alcohol can certainly take its toll on the liver, leading to a number of different alcoholic liver diseases. The most common is fatty liver, also referred to as hepatic steatosis. Consuming a large quantity of alcoholic beverages causes fat to accumulate inside liver cells, making it more difficult for the liver to function. Alcohol abuse can also cause a potential life-threatening inflammation to the liver called alcoholic hepatitis, which can then lead to the development of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the replacement of normal tissue with scar tissue, and is the most severe form of alcoholic liver disease.

The heart can also weaken from chronic drinking. The toxic effects of alcohol can cause the heart muscle to thin and weaken, a disease known as alcoholic cardiomyopathy. This makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood efficiently, resulting in heart failure. Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) is another condition that can develop from excessive alcohol use. Damage to brain functions, chronic pancreatitis (inflammation to the pancreas), and several types of cancer can also result from heavy intakes of alcohol.

Alcohol Detoxification at Cycles of Change

There are several factors that go into choosing a rehab program, but one that should not be overlooked is the importance of choosing a facility with a strong focus on detox. Alcohol detoxification is a process that should be handled by professionals, as alcohol withdrawal can cause serious symptoms including insomnia, vomiting, and even seizures. These symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the individual. That’s why our alcohol rehab program specializes in detox – it’s the first step of the process towards healing from alcohol addiction.

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction, there is no better time than now to seek help. Our alcohol addiction treatment program will help you heal your body through nutrition, exercise and other therapies. We even offer alcohol intervention support to help you and your family take the first step towards getting help at our alcohol rehab center in Palmdale, California.

Alcohol Rehab Center at Cycles of Change – Palmdale, CA

Cycles of Change Recovery offers a variety of successful alcohol treatment programs, both residential and outpatient, in an environment that is safe and secure.

Our focus is to help you reach your goals and make positive lifestyle changes through counseling, interactive family therapies and family programs, addiction education, interpersonal relationship development, aftercare programs and much more.

Let Cycles of Change Recovery Services help you regain control of your life. Contact our location in Palmdale, California to begin the next chapter where you can rediscover passion, pride and happiness with long-term sobriety!

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