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More Testimonials from Our Clients

It’s hard to find the words to adequately praise Joseph Hunter and Cycles of Change. Prior to discovering Joe, we had years of bad experiences with several treatment centers for our daughter. It’s hard to know whom you can trust and who has genuine concern for a person’s sobriety or who is just in it for the money.

From my first telephone conversation with Joe (while he was on a family vacation) I knew he was different than the other eleven organizations we had dealt with. My daughter instantly made the same connection with him. Joe genuinely cares for people and makes it his life mission to improve the lives of others.

We are thrilled to say that our daughter has eight months clean and sober and is currently attending school. She is happier than she has been in years. We will be eternally grateful to Joseph Hunter and Cycles of Change.

– Cycles of Change Parent

Cycles of Change recovery services gave me a new lease on life. Before Cycles I was just an empty person who found comfort through addiction. My addiction was the one thing that I felt I could count on and it ultimately became my best friend and worse enemy. Cycles changed all of that. With the help of Joe and the people at cycles of change, not only did I find myself again but I managed to do so while gaining lifelong friends in the process.

– Chris F.

I’d tell you I walked in the doors of the COC treatment center but then I’d be lying and remaining honest is a huge part of why I am sober today. In reality it was more like I was blown in, dragged in by the cat so-to speak. I stumbled, shuffled and wove my way into treatment because my body mind and spirit were so mangled I couldn’t walk a straight line let alone make sense of how exactly I wound up In a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, given how much I had prided myself on the success of my evading life’s consequences thus far. I was beyond angry, incorrigible, combative and what is clinically described as “treatment resistant”. Despite my venomous tounge and lackluster social skills the staff at Cycles of Change approached me with compassion, understanding and patience and over the next nine months they nursed me back to health with the physical and spiritual nourishment previously devoid from my life prior to admission.

I may not have realized it then, but I was desperately fighting for my life in a tragically fated war with this wretched disease and without intervention there is no doubt in my mind I’d still be actively digging my own grave. Treatment first provided my body with an opportunity to regain strength, detoxify and withdrawal in a safe comfortable and monitored setting. Then it forced me to alter my behavior- suddenly I was doing things like making my bed, sorting my own laundry, showering and all the other daily life skills that had become an afterthought while using. Gross neglect of and consideration for other human beings’ existence was the next hurdle I had to overcome. Communication with these foreign creatures (my roommates and counselors) was mandatory and while I once was as verbally vicious as a rabid pit-bull, I slowly grew into first saying “excuse me” then into some of the most beautiful and rewarding relationships that I have made in my life thus far. I learned to take care of myself and take pride in myself and personal space by exercising, eating nutritious meals and staying organized and tidy at home. This was facilitated by having an on-site gym, pool, personal trainer, nutritionist, private gourmet chef and meditation guide. Any information I learned I was able to apply practically in my own daily routine. Doing so enabled me to gain experience coupled with the knowledge on how to utilize these tools in the outside world. I realize these tasks may seem simple and so perfunctory that the average person never has to re-visit, but these very things are the basics that treatment allows us to acclimate with and learn to implement as a functioning member of society.

Perhaps most importantly treatment allowed me to separate long enough from the culture of addiction to examine my life and the behavior that had led me into such a dire state. I got to know who I was through intimately working with the 12-step process. Yes, it was very uncomfortable at times, in fact it was physically excruciating for me to go more than an hour without using at first. I know now that change only occurs when we are forced out of our comfort zone and I am grateful that I was able to be so miserable that I was desperate to try anything to improve my life. I got through the painful parts clean because I was safe and surrounded by people who understood and supported me through this process. I kicked, I screamed and I made life miserable for myself but the 12 steps and the staff at cycles introduced me to the person I was without the veil of drugs and alcohol distorting my true luminous nature.

– Ashley W.

As the mother of two bright and beautiful 20-something daughters—both of who are drug addicts—I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the care they received and the support I was given at Cycles of Change.

The story of their spiral into addiction is terrifying and heart-wrenching, but today they are both sober and committed to their recovery. I am forever grateful to the staff at Cycles of Change, particularly its founder, Joe Hunter, for offering them the tools they needed to recover.

Joe not only has a brilliant mind and a wealth of knowledge about the disease of addiction, but a genuine caring for his clients that is immediately obvious. He lives the 12 steps of recovery, and preaches them as the most effective way to maintain sobriety.

As a family member, I’ve witnessed Cycles of Changes’ evolution over the past few years. In addition to beautiful new residential and after-care facilities, Cycles has added therapy techniques like role-playing, and placed an emphasis on nutrition and exercise. They also host a free three-day workshop that focuses on family issues that gave me tools to help deal with my daughters’ disease and to live a healthy life myself.

I would encourage anyone seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one to contact Cycles of Change.

– Laura

A home away from home! The homes are beautiful and comfortable and have everything a beautiful home would have and then some! The staff is warm and friendly which makes the transition a lot easier. COC helped my son through some of the most difficult challenges in his life and helped me better cope with and understand my son’s addiction. When my son was in their care, I was finally able to sleep. Thank you to the entire staff at Cycles of Change.

My husband and I owe our son’s recovery to the Cycles of Change Recovery program. He had been struggling for a long time before he asked for help. The program offered him the skills, motivation and self-esteem to stay sober and hopeful that he could create a healthy, wonderful new life for himself.

The staff, as well as the director Joe Hunter, are caring and very competent. They are alert to any problems and this creates safety for all who are participating in the program. Because the program takes small numbers it creates a very homey atmosphere. Our son was very withdrawn and depressed. When he arrived there but the group activities taught him social skills and helped him to open up again. The caring tone is set by their director who supports and interact with each person there. The caring extends to the facilities themselves as each home is attractive, comfortable and clean. The staff and numerous others are brought in to provide group activities like yoga, art, music, nutrition exercise. They saved my son’s life and for that I will always be grateful.

– Stella


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