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Get to Know Our Alumni: Adam

Name: Adam

Sobriety Date: July 2016

Struggled With: Cocaine, Alcohol, Methamphetamine

Biggest Takeaway from Cycles of Change: Learning the 12 steps and being able to use the steps to maintain sobriety outside of treatment.


Adam’s history of addiction and substance abuse began at a young age. His first experience with drugs occurred when he was just 13 years old, which quickly spiraled into an addiction that would consume his life for years to come.

As an adult, he tried several times to overcome his addiction by moving to new places and keeping himself busy with work, but nothing managed to keep him sober. He realized his addiction was going to result in his death if he didn’t make a change, so he finally decided to seek professional help for his problems.

Adam enrolled at Cycles of Change Recovery in California, where he was finally able to discover what he needed to stay sober: “The 12 step program is extremely important to me…[it’s] the only way that I can have a spiritual experience and be able to help other addicts like myself, and I truly believe that’s what helps me to stay sober today.”

Cycles of Change also helped Adam deal with his mental illness and other issues he was battling internally:

“[They] helped me with the depression that I had came in with, the shame and the guilt and the feeling of loss…[sharing] those experiences with other people that are just like you was so crucial to my recovery…this recovery center truly and deeply saved my life.”

Learn more about Adam’s story and how Cycles of Changed helped him cope with his addiction and discover his true self:

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