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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Near Santa Clarita

Find a Full Continuum of Care at Cycles of Change near Santa Clarita

Drug addiction is a powerful disease. We know how hard it can be to handle on your own. Luckily, we are here to help. Cycles of Change offers structured programs tailored to your individual needs right near Santa Clarita. We can help you start on the road to recovery and beat this destructive addiction.

Why Choose Us for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Santa Clarita?

When it comes to deciding on drug and alcohol rehab, location can make all the difference. By choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center near Santa Clarita, you can rest assured that help will always be nearby whenever you need it.

It’s important to stay close to friends, family, and the lifestyle you are used to living. That way, when you finish treatment, you can easily transition back into your life without the temptation of addiction.

Treatments Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We do not believe that a one-size-fits-all treatment plan is going to work for everyone. That is why, at Cycles of Change, we commit to understanding our patients on a deeper level to ensure we provide the right course of action. If you have a mental illness, we work to understand your addiction’s roots so you can recover from it.

Multiple Levels of Care for Each Stage of Addiction

All of our treatment programs begin with a detoxification phase. The detox process is the beginning of the journey to recovery.

After completing detox, individuals move into our residential treatment. With 24-hour a day support and guidance, this is a valuable step for addicts. It helps our staff better understand your individual addiction and how to help you overcome it.

Our partial hospitalization program, or Night and Day program, is a critical step in recovery. This is where clients at Cycles of Change start to practice what they learn to prevent relapse once returning to their everyday life in Santa Clarita.

The intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is designed as part of our full continuum of care and is designed to support those who have completed residential treatment.

What Others Say About Cycles of Change

Choosing the right rehab facility can mean all the difference. That is why we take it very seriously to help you understand what our recovery services entail indeed. However, sometimes it’s best to hear it from others who have been in the same position as you. Read through a few of our testimonials to see what previous clients have said about our programs, staff, and facilities.

Driving Directions to our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Near Santa Clarita

Near: North Santa Clarita, CA

If you are coming from North Santa Clarita, CA, near Valencia, you will want to merge onto CA-14 N from Newhall Ranch Rd and Golden Valley Road. Follow the CA-14 N to Sierra Hwy. Take exit 30 from CA-14 N. Stay there for 4 miles, and then turn right onto Sierra Hwy. After that, take a left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Near: South Santa Clarita, CA

If you are coming from South Santa Clarita, CA, near Waltz, you will want to get on CA-14 N. Follow CA-14 N to Sierra Hwy. Take exit 30 from CA-14 N. Merge onto Sierra Hwy and then turn left onto E Barrel Springs Rd. Turn left onto El Camino Dr, and your destination will be on the right.

Near: East Santa Clarita, CA

If you are coming from East Santa Clarita, CA, near Whitney Canyon Park, get on CA-14 N. Merge onto CA-14 N and then take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy. Merge onto Sierra Hwy. Use the left two lanes to stay on Sierra Hwy. Turn left onto E Barrel Springs Rd. Turn left onto El Camino Dr, and your destination will be on the right.


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