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Residential Drug Rehab in  Los Angeles

Cycles of Change provides exceptional medical care. Our addiction treatment process is evidence based and produces proven results. Residential substance abuse treatments generally lasts 30, 60, or 90 days, however some people choose to continue for one year. The length of treatment is determined by careful evaluation and the recommendations of the treatment team. The primary focus is to provide the most effective treatment. Our caring & professional staff will guide you to long-term recovery.

We provide relapse prevention training and our team will also address any co-occurring disorders. By addressing these areas we can  set the stage for long-term recovery.

Luxury Inpatient Residential Drug Rehabs Los Angeles and Palmdale, California

Effective Drug Treatment From a Caring Team

Our team of addiction treatment specialists will provide 24/7 care. The experienced and compassionate staff members will help you stay on track and teach you to cope in the outside world one day at a time. You will learn about proper nutrition and exercise to help you build a strong body.

Substance abuse counseling will help you remain strong and sober for life. Through our ‘one-on-one’ and group counseling sessions, you will  build personal value and belief systems and learn essential life coping skills.

“It is extremely important having structure in my recovery. Being shown structure has helped me with employment, relationships, my family, being accountable, and even working with others”

Shelby, Cycles of Change alumni

Our program brings structure back into your life. With a guiding hand you can get your life back on track. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is scary and intimidating. We help eliminate most of your fears. Our clients are usu sally relaxed after the first day and see light at the end of the tunnel. The reinforced fears dissipate and are replaced with optimism and excitement. Here you get the tools you need to effectively battle addiction. Once these are in place our clients get back to work, go back to school, and develop healthy relationships with family.

Benefits of Residential Rehab


Our rehab center offers luxury as well as the best medical substance abuse treatment. Our amenities are top notch which creates the perfect atmosphere to reflect on what you have learned during the treatment sessions.

Our location and experience offers the setting and process to reclaim your life from addiction. Another benefit is the supportive new friends you will make in your new residential home. Our counselors will be right there to help you get through any tough times you may encounter. The other recovering participants will help to eliminate any feelings of isolation you may have. You are not alone on this journey; many have traveled this road before you and your new friends will be by your side traveling it with you now.

From the beautiful resort style in ground pool to the luxury posh bedrooms you will be delighted. After a day of learning about controlling you addiction, you will be able to relax and reflect on your new skills.

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