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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Near Los Angeles

Drug Rehabs Los Angeles, California Take the First Step to Sobriety

Drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California, are much needed for inpatient, IOP, intensive outpatient, detox, and sober homes. We don’t have to tell you addiction is hard. You start to think you can handle it on your own, but it only takes one relapse for you to realize dependence is a real disease. When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab programs in California, Cycles of Change offers structured programs tailored to your needs. Start the road to recovery with customized substance abuse treatment programs.

We provide evidence based addiction treatment programs with 12-step integration.  Note that we also offer “non 12 steps” alternatives. It would help if you had tools like relapse prevention and education to maintain sobriety; the protocols we implement cover many different areas. Some of these include;

  • addiction intervention
  • subacute alcohol and opiate detox
  • inpatient addiction treatment
  • PHP residential
  • intensive outpatient (IOP)
  • extended care

Why Choose Us for Drug Rehabs Near Los Angeles?

luxury rehab center in Palmdale California

Choosing the best drug rehabs near me in Los Angeles, California, is a critical decision. It helps to solidify your commitment by being close to friends and family. You need substance abuse treatment programs to help you to choose the right path to recovery. At Cycles of Change, we do everything we can to offer our patients a full continuum of care tailored to their specific needs. When seeking the best treatments, you have any questions. Many are overwhelmed and find it a complicated process.

Understanding addiction beyond the surface is key when seeking facilities. As individuals in the grips of addiction, you cannot be able to determine your needs. This must be done by a qualified physician or an experienced addiction treatment center. Some of the areas Cycles of Change focuses on include;

  • opiate detox (opiates and prescription medication addiction)
  • alcohol detox and intervention for alcoholics
  • residential inpatient
  • night and day PHP programs
  • flexible IOP intensive outpatient
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Individualized Alcohol or Opiate Detox Treatment for Our Patients

Our drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California experience make us committed to our patients. We understand drug and alcohol addictions on a deeper level. We work effortlessly to understand and identify any dual diagnoses and co-occurring disorders contributing to drug or alcohol addiction. By doing this, we can offer a level of medical and counseling care that is individualized and unique to each patient.

At Cycles of Change, our alcohol and opiate detox program near Los Angeles, California, begins with an alcohol or opiate detox phase. The detoxification process is designed to rid the body of the substance. This is critical as it also helps individuals to be able to think more clearly. Unfortunately, repeating the cycle of detox without receiving addiction treatment from qualified medical professionals happens often. The process of detox is painful, and no one wants to repeat this. If you are thinking about trying this on your own, you shouldn’t. This process should always be performed under medical supervision.

Residential Inpatient Drug Rehabs Los Angeles, California Options

Residential inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles, California, options are needed when individuals require in-depth treatment. This program takes place in-house at our luxury addiction treatment facilities in California. It offers you the 24-hour a day support and guidance you need to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Here you will learn about co-occurring disorders. These are at the center of drug and alcohol addiction. By addressing these dual diagnosis issues significantly increases long-term recovery.

Cycles of Change recovery treatment center program offers you a comfortable luxury home where you can get away from everyday life stress. We provide you with an opportunity to focus solely on getting healthy inside and out. We offer 30, 60, 90 days and one-year inpatient addiction treatment programs. Your individual counselor will help you to determine the right plan for your unique needs. Our drug rehabs in San Diego centers are well qualified and experienced at this level of care.

PHP Residential Drug Rehabs in California

When seeking PHP partial hospitalization drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California, be careful your individualized needs will be met. This level of addiction treatment is also referred to as day and night (PHP). You may think because it’s labeled residential that you stay 24/7. However, this is actually an outpatient type of care. You get to go home at night and be with family. You receive medical and counseling care every day from qualified addiction counselors. This is a long-term protocol that greatly assists in transitioning back into mainstream society.

One of the most significant advantages is what you learn during the day; you put it into action at night. It is like a trial run on sustaining long-term sobriety. This flexible medical care can also be held in the evenings allowing you to go back to work or school. It will provide the drug addiction education, guidance, and safety net to maintaining long-term recovery. You will get relapse prevention and life skills that will ensure you can function in society. However, you will need to be evaluated to see if this level of care fits your individual needs. contact Cycles of Change today

prevention workshops, necessary life skills coaching, and possibly regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure that you remain sober to ensure relapse prevention.

Why IOP Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs Los Angeles?

IOP intensive outpatient drug rehab Los Angeles is one of the most popular programs. Many individuals may qualify after being evaluated to ensure they are a good fit for this program. This is usually referred to as a step-down program. They are generally for individuals that have had a higher level of care prior. This is due to a proper foundation must be laid. Getting educated on appropriate substance abuse treatments is critical as you will use this during the IOP process. It will further the relapse prevention education and open up lock doors in the mind that addiction has closed.

This process also engages family, friends, and loved ones to assist in the recovery process. Often time addiction destroys these relations due to reward-seeking behaviors. Here you get the assistance of the educated counselors to help re-build those relations. The IOP intensive outpatient drug rehab Los Angeles, California program is extremely flexible. Many continue working during the process. You are engaged in real life while receiving the best intensive outpatient medical and counseling care. Whether it’s from our Doctors, psychiatrists, group sessions, or individual counseling, you will meet three times every week.

About the Staff at Cycles of Change Addiction Extended Care Programs

Two things make the best drug rehab in California. These are the quality of their medical treatment and the qualified staff. Cycles of Change focuses on both of these. The drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California, the well-credentialed team is just a great as our medical personnel. Substance abuse treatment doesn’t have to be that difficult. The difference is how we introduce the evidence-based practices and guide you through the process. Your recovery journey is just as much ours and yours. The caring medical and counseling staff gently guide you through the process. This is a time to utilize the education and experience that we provide.

Driving Directions to Drug Rehabs Los Angeles, California

Google maps are one of the best resources when seeking the best drug rehabs Los Angels, California, provides. You not only get driving directions, but you can research the rehabilitation centers. The listing will have a link to the center website. There you can get educated on the residential inpatient, opiate detox, IOP, intensive outpatient, and alcohol detoxification they provide. Below is some driving direction from the Loa Angeles area.

Near: North Los Angeles, CA

If you are coming from north Los Angeles, CA, near North Hills, you will want to merge onto I-405 N. Stay on it for 4.2 miles and merge onto I-5 N. Keep going until you hit exit 162 State Route 14 N/Antelope Valley Freeway toward Palmdale/Lancaster. Continue onto CA-14 N for 28.8 miles and take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy. Stay there for 4.5 miles and then turn right onto Sierra Hwy. After that, take a left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then turn onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Near: West Los Angeles, CA

If you are coming from West Los Angeles, CA, near Dodger Stadium, get on Interstate 5 N/Golden State Fwy. Stay on I-5 N and take it until you hit exit 162 for State Route 14 N/Antelope Valley Freeway toward Palmdale/Lancaster. Continue onto CA-14 N for 28.8 miles and take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy. Stay there for 4.5 miles, then turn right onto Sierra Hwy. After that, take a left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then turn onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Near: South Los Angeles CA

If you are coming from South Los Angeles, CA, Pacific Palisades, take CA-1 S/Palisades Beach Road and then continue onto I-10 E. From there, take exit 3A and merge onto I-405 N toward Sacramento. Next, merge onto I-5 N and stay until you hit exit 162 for State Route 14 N/Antelope Valley Freeway toward Palmdale/Lancaster. Continue onto CA-14 N for 28.8 miles and take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy. Stay there for 4.5 miles and then turn right onto Sierra Hwy. After that, take a left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then turn onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Learn More About Our Recovery Program

We provide a comfortable and safe detox with a caring staff watching over you. Our experienced and compassionate detox treatment team will be by your side to make sure you have support.

MAT Assisted Detox: Our prescribing physician can help with medication for any physical discomfort you may experience.  Our clinical professionals care about you and want to see you succeed.

Residential substance abuse treatment generally lasts 30, 60, or 90 days. However, some people choose to continue for up to one year.

Our team of addiction treatment specialists will provide 24/7 care. The experienced and compassionate staff members will help you stay on track and teach you to respond to life’s challenges healthily – without your drug of choice.

We provide relapse prevention training, and our team will also address any co-occurring disorders. By addressing these areas, we can set the stage for long-term recovery.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensive & long-term outpatient program that allows you to go home (or to a sober living environment) each night but still enjoy the support of our clinical staff on-site each day.

Our substance abuse counselors are the best in the field and will help you remain healthy and sober. Through our ‘one-on-one’ and group counseling sessions, you will build personal value and learn essential life coping skills.

Our Intensive outpatient rehab program (IOP) and outpatient treatment program (OP) provide regular individual and group therapy sessions. Clients reside at home or in a sober living.

Our IOP program requires involvement from family members, friends, and other interested participants.  Our outpatient program includes interactive education groups and counseling designed for the individual, group, and family.

These sessions are scheduled to work with your outside commitments. You will see individual therapists and physicians (or psychiatrists) up to three times a week.

“It’s hard to find the words to praise Joseph Hunter and Cycles of Change adequately. Before discovering Joe, we had years of bad experiences with several treatment centers for our daughter. It’s hard to know who you can trust and who has a genuine concern for a person’s sobriety or just in it for the money.

From my first telephone conversation with Joe (while he was on a family vacation), I knew he was different than the other eleven organizations we had dealt with. My daughter instantly made the same connection with him. Joe genuinely cares for people and makes it his life mission to improve the lives of others.” –Parent

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Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California living room

Home-Like Atmosphere

Feel like you’re right at home instead of at a recovery facility.

Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California

Personalized Treatment

You will have several ‘one-on-one’ meetings per week to ensure that you get individualized attention.

dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We have the staff and accreditation to treat co-occurring disorders like anxiety, trauma, and depression.

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A Blend of Modalities

We integrate individual and group therapy sessions into your personalized program along with relapse prevention and many educational workshops and services.

Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California private bedroom

Private Rooms Available

We offer spacious shared rooms as well as private rooms.

recovering executive

Professionals and Executives

We have  20+ years of experience helping professional men and women get back on on track and succeed in their careers.


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