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Biosound Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Most people enjoy music, but we don’t always understand why we enjoy it or the extent of the power of sound. We listen to songs because we enjoy them, they give us pleasure, or something about them resonates with us. But this often happens passively and without our awareness. The reality, however, is that sound and music are powerful and have significant impacts on the brain. This is especially important as addiction, and mental illnesses are, in a sense, diseases of the brain.

In recent years, there has been an increase in music used as a form of therapy. Accordingly, there has also been a lot of research being done to examine what kind of effects Biosound or audio therapy might have. At Cycles of Change, we believe that there are great results to be seen from the use of sound and music through Biosound Therapy. In what follows, we will briefly address how sound therapy relates to the brain, the nature of Biosound therapy, the use of Biosound therapy in managing withdrawal symptoms, and the treatment options available here at Cycles of Change Recovery.

Managing Symptoms and the Brain

The addiction process is linked significantly to a change in the pathways and systems in the brain, which often come from prolonged usage. Put another way, repeated exposure to the drug results in a change in brain structure and function.[i] These brain structure changes, and the addiction itself often lead to numerous psychological and physiological symptoms. Current research in Biosound therapy is focused on finding ways to use sound to reduce these symptoms and alter the brain state so that individuals can move forward in their journey to recovery.

To measure this and test the effectiveness of Biosound therapies, ten cognitive symptoms connected to addiction and recovery are measured before and after the Biosound therapy is used. In at least one study with more than 3000 tests conducted, the decrease in symptoms after Biosound therapy was as follows:

  • Stress: 57% decrease
  • Racing Thoughts: 53% decrease
  • Anger: 48% decrease
  • Depression: 47% decrease
  • Fearfulness: 47% decrease
  • Body Aches: 54% decrease
  • Muscle Tension: 56% decrease
  • Headache: 44% decrease
  • Cravings: 46% decrease
  • Impulsiveness: 52% decrease[ii]

One of the most difficult parts of recovery can be managing symptoms as the individual begins to transition away from consistent drug usage. Symptom management can help the individual recover their health and illustrate the positive changes that can result from decreased drug usage. Furthermore, Biosound therapies may be able to begin adjusting brain states back to normal.

The Nature of Biosound Therapy

The specifics of Biosound Therapy can change depending on the particular location. In most cases, it will consist of a combination of music, vibrations, and binaural beats to introduce a meditative state. Our Biosound Lounge has a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and integrated with an audio/visual delivery system that utilizes precisely choreographed music. This music is synchronized with low-frequency sine tones and binaural beats. The combination of these elements leads to a meditative state which produces the results discussed above.

Though it may seem strange at first, results are usually achieved within thirty minutes. As the patient begins to let go of their fear of uncertainty and allows the Biosound therapy to work, they will find the results extremely beneficial.

There is much ongoing research into this type of therapy, but what is at least clear is that these sessions can help in managing and relieving some of the most intense side-effects of addiction and withdrawal. While this may not suffice to end the addiction completely, it is an important point in that journey. Through symptom management, it can become easier to face and deal with other issues that have arisen. Additionally, recent research has shown positive responses in the reward systems of the brain through the use of Audio Therapy; this suggests that not only might Biosound and audio therapies help relieve symptoms, but they may also begin the process of re-training or re-wiring the brain to recover from the stress placed on it by substance abuse.[iii]

Biosound Therapy for Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most difficult areas of the initial recovery process is withdrawal, known more formally as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, which can sometimes last 18-24 months after ceasing the use of the addictive substance. Developing research indicates that Biosound Therapy has a positive impact on reducing withdrawal symptoms and helping prevent relapse.[iv]

In one study, Biosound Therapy was shown to have the following results:

  • Increased ability to think clearly and focus
  • Increased ability to handle physical symptoms
  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased positive emotions
  • Increased ability to handle stress
  • Decreased negative emotions
  • Decreased anxiety

All of these are instrumental and key on the journey toward recovery from addiction. At Cycles of Change Recovery, we must provide safe and effective treatment options.

Treatment Options

Addiction is a serious and complicated issue. Difficulties with the possibility of overdose, withdrawal, or co-occurring mental disorders serve only to compound the difficult nature of substance abuse. The last thing that any of us wants is to miss an opportunity to get the needed help.

Because of the dangers involved in addiction and substance abuse, it is of great importance that helps in the form of treatment is sought out as soon as possible. At Cycles of Change Recovery, we want to come alongside those struggling with cocaine addiction and withdrawal symptoms to help transition into recovery. We can offer 24/7 on-site medical help and supervision, counseling, and consistent care to facilitate the process of healing. Please review our various programs[v] to see what meets the situation or need. It is also recommended to review our accreditation,[vi] staff,[vii] and facility,[viii] so that you can be confident Cycles of Change Recovery is the right path for you or your loved one.



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