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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

At Cycles of Change Recovery, we don’t treat just the addiction, we treat the whole person.  Our goal is to help clients heal the emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that played a role in their substance use.  We see each client as a unique individual who needs guidance, support, and compassion.  For that reason, we provide a comforting, secure environment staffed with caring, skilled professionals.  Our clients are never left to feel alone during their time in our addiction treatment programs.

When a client enters our facility, we work hard to ensure that their treatment plan is right for them.  It must find the perfect balance between proven methods and the individual needs of the client.  We recognize that each person has their own reasons for substance use and will respond differently to treatment.  With that in mind, our highly trained professionals can design a healing plan based on each client’s distinctive needs.  For instance, we offer a comprehensive blend of counseling and education options to target all aspects of the addiction.

Services Available at Cycles of Change Recovery

We want to ensure that our clients get the highest level of care they need.  Therefore, we offer diverse options that focus on helping a person gain the skills, education, and confidence necessary for success in recovery.  These are some of the services we provide:

  • Nutritional and medical management
  • Counseling
  • Interactive family programs
  • Medical and psychiatric evaluations
  • 24/7 on-site medical help and supervision
  • Interpersonal relationship development
  • Improved living skills
  • Addiction education
  • Resources on relapse prevention
  • Aftercare programs and counseling
  • Medication management

In addition to these services, our program also includes a variety of treatment methods that are tailored to each person’s unique situation.  When a person cultivates better methods for coping with life’s daily issues, they become stronger in their ability to avoid addictive substances.  Our programs are designed to foster these positive changes.  

Treatment Methods that Promote Positive Change

Our goal as an addiction treatment provider is to heal the whole person to ensure long-lasting recovery.  To achieve that goal we offer the following therapies as part of our comprehensive program:

12-Step Program.  Although the 12-Step program is not right for everyone, it has been proven to work for many people.  This program is based on recognizing that there is a higher power beyond oneself that can aid in recovery.  The program provides a set of twelve steps a person must follow and twelve traditions the program must adhere to.  While our 12-Step program at Cycles of Change differs from the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous program, it has been proven to help clients maintain sobriety.

Biosound Therapy.  This option uses music as a form of therapy.  Music and sound are known to have positive impacts on the brain.  It can decrease or calm stress, anger, depression, headaches, and more.  With a combination of music, vibrations, and binaural beats, a person can enter a relaxed, meditative state that facilitates positive thoughts and a sense of wellbeing.

Family Therapy.  Family therapy is an important aspect of addiction treatment for several reasons.  A dysfunctional family environment is often part of the reason a person used drugs or alcohol.  Also, family members must learn ways to support their loved one when he or she returns home from treatment.  In family therapy, family members gain attributes such as trust, forgiveness, and hope. They also learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively.  

Meditation and Yoga.  Meditation helps a person achieve inner awareness and mindfulness.  This technique can reduce anxiety, pain, and depression.  It has been used for thousands of years and is proven to be a beneficial tool in addiction treatment and therapy.  Yoga and meditation often go hand-in-hand.  Yoga is a physical method of therapy that incorporates various bodily positions to help a person relax. Yoga also helps a person gain confidence and improve self-image, reduce fatigue, and facilitates emotional healing.   

Psychodrama Therapy.  This therapeutic exercise seeks to help clients deal with some of the issues in their life that they have avoided facing.  In a group setting, overseen by a trained therapist, a person will act out their “story.”  Other participants have an opportunity to talk about the story and help the person work through their feelings and emotions as a group.

Clients are Our Priority at Cycles of Change Recovery

The above treatment approaches are all a part of the comprehensive program at Cycles of Change Recovery for a reason.  We realize that addiction is comprised of more than a physical dependence on the substance.  Addiction also involves emotional, environmental, mental, and spiritual factors that contribute to a person’s substance use.  To help individuals overcome their substance use disorder, we ensure that all aspects of the addiction are addressed.

For instance, we make sure our programs offer something for everyone such as:  

When our clients complete treatment, they are equipped with the skills and confidence needed for long-term relapse prevention.  These skills also prove helpful as the person attempts to reintegrate into society.  Our clients also benefit from an aftercare program that provides continuous support and guidance as they face the challenge of rebuilding their lives.

Learn More About Cycles of Change Recovery Today

Addiction treatment programs have evolved over the decades and the changes are astonishing.  For instance, years ago, people with addictions were forced to endure a cold, clinical approach to treatment that bordered on cruelty and was devoid of respect, compassion, or comfort.  It was believed that “addicts” must be punished and taught a lesson the hard way.  

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find facilities such as Cycles of Change Recovery.  At our facility, clients benefit from numerous treatment options administered by caring, skilled professionals.  Also, they can relax in a comforting, safe environment and focus entirely on healing.  We believe that each client can overcome addiction and enjoy a healthier, substance-free lifestyle.  So, we are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.  

If you are struggling with substance use disorder, it is best to seek treatment before the consequences worsen.  Each day of continued substance abuse increases your chance of overdose or other complications.  So, contact us today to learn more about our accredited programs and facilities located in beautiful Palmdale, California.  One of our treatment advisors will be available any time to answer your questions and help you begin your recovery journey.


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