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At Cycles of Change Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles County California, we have made it our mission to guide families to the belief that all addicted individuals can attain their goals given the right circumstances. As an organization we are dedicated to serving the needs of all who suffer from substance abuse. We focus on improving the person as a whole, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Our Addiction Treatment Center in LA county, located just minutes from Santa Clarita, provides a safe haven for those seeking help. We make a commitment to each family to help them in rediscovering themselves and their relationships with one another. We provide a path leading away from drug addiction and alcoholism to a future filled with self-confidence, independence, and freedom.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is based on a core belief that all people are born with limitless potential. Our LA county rehabilitation center is dedicated to acting as a mentor for clients, assisting individuals in identifying their maximum potential. Our addiction recovery program includes:

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education
  • Other recovery services supporting a valuable future for our clients and their families

Addiction Interventions

An Intervention can be a scary process for those who have never experienced them before, Cycles of Change Addiction Treatment Center is here to help. Our experienced intervention specialists will assist the family in planning an intervention. During this process, each family member or loved one will write a letter to the addict outlining the negative consequences caused by their addiction. One person will be responsible to create a list of behaviors that will no longer be allowed in these relationships. It is important to set healthy boundaries. During the intervention, each letter is read to the addict and at the end, the addict is offered a chance at recovery.

Sub-Acute Detox

The journey to recovery begins with detoxification. This is the process of eliminating all mind altering chemicals from the individual’s system. It is important to be drug free before starting the recovery learning process. At Cycles of Change in Palmdale, the detox team members are experienced and empathetic to what the addict is experiencing during detox. Detox will begin with a complete assessment of the individual’s medical, psychological, and social history. This information will allow the clinicians to determine the best treatment plan to utilize. It is vital to know a person is never alone in our Drug and Alcohol Rehab programs in California. The detox process does vary in time frame depending which substance an individual has been using. It can take anywhere from 1 day up to several weeks. Each person is an individual, therefore their process will be individualized.

Residential Treatment Center Palmdale California

At Cycles of change Drug Rehab in Palmdale California we offer an environment that is homey and comfortable. A person can relax and de-stress while going through the treatment process. It is easier to achieve recovery when one is free to focus solely on that recovery. Our Alcohol Rehab in Palmdale offers a variety of customizable options for length of stay. Offering programs of; 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 1 year, you are sure to find the option that is best for you. During the residential stay, you will be given 24/7 care by a team that is caring and focused on your recovery. This is the time to learn and we will be offering; nutrition & physical health, counseling sessions one on one with your assigned counselor, group therapy with a variety of topics, and guidance in creating and maintaining a spiritual wellness.

Partial Hospitalization

This is also known as Day & Night treatment. During this phase of the treatment process, an individual will be taught relapse prevention through an intensive, long-term process. This process is created specifically with the goal of eliminating any interruptions in your routine. This process will allow you to utilize not only your treatment team and recovery support groups, but your family and friends as well. Since you will go home at night, you will be able to experience the need to use the skills learned during the previous stage of treatment, while still being supported by our Palmdale Rehab team. You can begin to return to a somewhat normal lifestyle at this time by returning to work or school. It is always best to establish your plans with your counselor who will be your advocate throughout this process.

Intensive Outpatient Services at Cycles of Change Palmdale CA

Intensive Outpatient care is designed to involve the addict and their loved ones. The individual will be attending outpatient groups 3 times per week in addition to seeing a therapist and counselor for individual sessions. While the addict is completing their commitments during IOP, their loved ones can be attending family therapy and family support groups. This program is perfect for people whom have already completed a residential program. It is the natural progression in the addiction treatment process and can vary in length of attendance. Usually 6-12 weeks minimum. Studies have shown that these types of programs are highly effective. At Cycles of Change, we are prepared to work with individuals who may have a dual diagnosis, also known as mental health disorders, as these often come hand in hand with substance use.

Extended Care | California Drug Rehab

You did it!! You are sober, now what? A extended care program is designed to allow an individual to on with their lives independently and still have some accountability. Cycles of Change Recovery Palmdale CA has partnered with extended care facilities that still require a person to attend group counseling, support groups for relapse prevention and voluntary drug testing, while the person is working, going to school, or just spending time having sober fun. An extended care home is a place to live that offers the freedom of being at home and the safety of being involved with a treatment program, a stress free and supportive environment.

First Responder Treatment Center Palmdale California

In our society, we rely on the first responders in all of our tragic and traumatic events. However, their vicarious trauma can go untreated sometimes leading to PTSD or symptoms of depression or anxiety, and often partnered with substance use. At Cycles of Change, we have taken the time to become culturally competent in working with first responders and their families. Our Drug Rehab in Palmdale offers trauma-informed care for a variety of issues related to vicarious trauma. It is our mission to provide our first responders with a continuum of care designed to help with these issues.


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