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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Near San Diego

Take the First Step to Sobriety with Cycles of Change

We don’t have to tell you addiction is hard. You start to think you can handle it on your own, but it only takes one relapse for you to realize dependence is a real disease. Cycles of Change offers structured programs tailored to your needs when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab programs. Start the road to recovery with customized drug and alcohol rehab near San Diego.

Why Choose Us for Drug Rehab Near San Diego?

Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab program that is near San Diego is important. It helps to solidify your commitment by being close to friends and family, and it allows you to choose the right path to recovery. At Cycles of Change, we do everything we can to offer our patients a full continuum of care tailored to their specific needs.

Individualized Levels of Treatment for Our Patients

At our rehab recovery services near San Diego, we commit to our patients understanding their addictions on a deeper level. We work effortlessly to understand and identify any dual diagnoses contributing to drug or alcohol addiction. We can offer a level of care that is individualized and unique to each patient.

At Cycles of Change, our treatment program near San Diego begins with a detoxification phase. The detox process is designed to help jumpstart the path to recovery.

Once detox is completed, patients move to our residential treatment. This program takes place in-house at our luxury facilities and offers you the 24-hour a day support and guidance you need to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

Our partial hospitalization treatment program, or our Night and Day program, is intended to allow patients to practice what they learn and take vital steps to avoid relapse.

The intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) allows patients to explore innovative psychotherapy options, including group and individual settings.

About the Staff at Cycles of Change

One of the things that make our addiction treatment center near San Diego unique is our staff. Our drug rehab staff comprises dedicated professionals who are whole-heartedly invested in your journey to recovery and life-long sobriety. We take your disease seriously, and we will walk with you every step of the way, tailoring our treatment to your specific needs.

Driving Directions to our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Near San Diego

Near: North San Diego, CA

If you are coming from North San Diego, CA, near Rancho Bernando, you will want to merge onto I-15 N from W Bernando Drive and follow it for 36.6 miles. Continue onto I-215 N and follow signs for Riverside/San Bernadino. Merge onto I-15 N and take exit 131 for CA-138. From there, turn left onto CA-138 W and then take a left on Pearblossom Hwy. Stay there for 4.5 miles and then turn right onto Sierra Hwy. After that, take a left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Near: West San Diego, CA

If you are coming from West San Diego, CA, near La Jolla, you will want to get on CA-52 from Torrey Pines Rd and La Jolla Pkwy. From there, take I-15 N and I-215 N for 34.7 miles to exit 131 for CA-138 W in San Bernadino County. Continue onto CA-138 W and then turn left on Pearblossom Hwy for 4.5 miles before turning right onto Sierra Hwy. From there, turn left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and then onto El Camino Dr for your final destination.

Near: South San Diego, CA

If you are coming from South San Diego, CA, near Lincoln Park, get on I-5 N from Main St. Follow I-5 N for 18.8 miles and then continue on I-5 N until you take exit 162 for State Route 14 N/Antelope Valley Freeway. From there, continue onto CA-14 N. Take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy before merging onto Sierra Hwy. Then, turn left onto E Barrel Springs Rd and get on El Camino Dr for your final destination.


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