Extended Care: Los Angeles, Palmdale and Lancaster

You should be proud, you’ve earned your sobriety. You have a healthy new outlook on life—but perhaps you aren’t quite ready to return home. Cycles of Change partnered extended care home is a way for those who have completed drug and alcohol rehab to transition to an independence that still provides some structure and support, in a comfortable and homey setting. Even with relapse tools tuned up and ready, temptation in the early days of sobriety can remain strong.

What is Extended Care?

Living in Cycle of Change Recovery’s partnered extended care house allows residents to go about their daily lives in an independent and normal way. They work and socialize in an open-door manner, but there are still expectations and accountability.

While living in our partnered extended care home, each resident takes an active part in regular group counseling and relapse support sessions. Household chores are part of the extended care lifestyle, everyone pitches in. Voluntary drug testing and a mandatory curfew helps maintain sobriety in this early transition period. For residents needing extra counseling support and extended care resources in Palmdale when feeling a little shaky about their new and healthy life, we are always here to help.

Cycle of Change’s partnered extended care home is exactly that: a home to its residents. Residents have comfortable rooms, and a great living area for, socializing, watching television and relaxing. Grilling in the backyard, playing some volleyball, and enjoying all that the healthy California lifestyle has to offer.

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