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Help After Treatment for Addiction: Extended Care

When you complete a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, it can be a little scary leaving the structure and support you received while in treatment. Some treatment centers can help you with aftercare programs that include additional counseling, therapy, activities and support groups. These are great ways to keep your recovery journey on the right track.

However, for those who need a little extra help, you may want to consider an extended care facility. Extended care facilities are group homes that can allow you to return to the normal, everyday world more gradually with a greater support structure.

The Early Days of Recovery

Entering rehab can be an intimidating process at first, but many people quickly find that it becomes like a second home where they don’t have to hide or rush the process. In fact, a recent study found that those who underwent a treatment program that lasted longer than 30 days had an 84% success rate. Once you’ve committed to a recovery program, your first step is detoxification.

This is the period where your body adjusts to the absence of alcohol and other drugs. Depending on the length and severity of your addiction, you may require medically supervised detox. In less severe cases where the withdrawal symptoms or complications aren’t expected to be life-threatening, sub-acute detox is generally recommended. It may take a few days to a couple of weeks to get through this period. There won’t be much in the way of counseling or therapy during this time as it can be difficult to focus and learn while dealing with withdrawals.

Gaining Strength Through Inpatient or Outpatient Programs

Whether your continuing recovery care is provided through inpatient or outpatient programs, you’ll begin learning about your addiction and how to manage it. Developing healthier coping skills, identifying potential relapse triggers and receiving relationship/family counseling are all common practices at this stage. The goal is to prepare you for the obstacles that await when you return to your normal everyday routine.

Some form of ongoing aftercare like support groups, continued individual therapy and other programs is strongly encouraged to help you maintain your newfound sobriety. If you’re hesitant to jump back into your everyday life, extended care can be worked into your program to help make the transition easier.

Things to Look for in Extended Care Facilities

A quality extended care program should provide a number of things to help maintain a semblance of stability and structure for you:

  • Group counseling
  • Relapse support
  • Accountability
  • Curfew
  • Comfortable, secure homelike atmosphere

Addiction Extended Care for Lancaster, Los Angeles and Palmdale

Cycles of Change Recovery’s partnered extended care home is just that: a home. It’s a place where you can feel safe and secure while receiving the ongoing support you need to make your transition back to society. You’ll enjoy comfortable rooms, indoor and outdoor areas for social engagement and a community that understands what you’re going through. If you or a loved one needs help with addiction, the caring, supportive professionals at Cycles of Change are here for you. Contact us to start your journey towards recovery today.



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