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About Cycles of Change Recovery Services

About Cycles of Change Recovery

At Cycles of Change Recovery in Palmdale, CA, we provide treatment options that are specifically tailored to each client’s individual circumstances.  We believe a customized program is vital to ensuring a successful recovery.  We realize overcoming addiction takes courage and commitment.  Therefore, to help our clients reach their recovery goals, our compassionate and skilled staff works diligently to give clients the support and guidance they need.  

We take pride in being a part of each client’s successful recovery from addiction.  They achieve success through our multidisciplinary approach to treatment that encompasses the physical, spiritual, and mental factors involved in their substance abuse.  Our program has been awarded a AAA rating by the Joint Commission which means we meet their stringent standards for providing safe, high-quality care.  

Our primary goal at Cycles of Change Recovery is to help clients overcome addiction and gain the skills and confidence necessary for maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.  We feel that each client is capable of change, and we are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential in life.   

Our Treatment Centers

Cycles of Change Recovery has two drug rehabilitation centers in Palmdale, California.

Cycles of Change Recover Palmdale Drug Rehab

Cycles of Change Recovery Services Palmdale CA