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aj Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California

Name: AJ

Location: Seattle, Washington

Sobriety Date: (Unknown, please let me know what it is)

Struggled With: Alcohol

Biggest Takeaway from Cycles of Change: The Sincerity that he got at Cycles of Change was one of the most important things that helped him through treatment.

AJ’s story of alcohol addiction begins in Seattle Washington. He had friends, a girlfriend, a job, and he quickly lost all those things once he started excessively using alcohol.  He had been to other rehab centers before but left prematurely. His brother offered him the opportunity to go to treatment again with no pressure either way. AJ accepted the offer. He had no idea what to expect and had little hope or faith in himself.

“A lot of the people that work here have their own stories that they’re not ashamed to share. That makes me feel comfortable” 

Working as a Mansion and building fences in Seattle Washington, AJ is now clean and sober and can return to work and live a productive life again. He also has the option to return to school, to complete his degree in International Relations without alcohol addition holding him back.

“The Sincerity I got here, was one of the most important things that helped me through treatment.” 

Learn more about AJ’s story and how Cycles of Changed helped him cope with his alcohol addiction though professional rehab and helped him once again live to his full potential.


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