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A Message to Our Community About COVID-19

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We wanted to reach out to share an update.

We are very concerned about the COVID-19 virus and how the many changes  it has caused are affecting the our extended treatment community.

As of right now, Cycles of Change Residential and Intensive Outpatient Programs are open and accepting clients.

Our Response to the Increased recommendations for Sanitary Measures Includes:
• Increased sanitization of our facilities for infection control. We have increased cleaning and maintenance for a complete thorough wipe down of all facilities and common areas. Staff has been instructed to perform continuous disinfection of surfaces and other areas where infection can be transmitted, i.e., doorknobs, light switches, etc.
• Purchased and are using additional sanitary supplies including soap, hand sanitizers, antimicrobial wipes, and disinfectant sprays.
• Posted informational signs on proper hand-washing techniques and hand sanitizing.
• Implemented mandatory training for employees on hand-washing and hand sanitization.
• Instituted screenings for visitors. Anyone deemed a possible risk to our clients or staff will not be allowed at the facility.
• An additional screening process for potential admissions that includes questions about symptoms, recent illnesses, travel overseas, and family or friends who have symptoms or traveled abroad.
• Upon admission, all clients are always evaluated in person by our intake staff and have a physical screening by Medical professional within 24 hours to further reduce the possibility of the introduction of a virus into the treatment environment. We continue daily screenings for current clients to monitor their conditions closely
• Developed specific health and safety protocols for any clients presenting with flu-like symptoms, including emergency isolation protocols.
• Dispersed flu/COVID-19 prevention information and instructed staff to stay home if they are sick per CDC recommendations. Staff who report to work ill will be sent home in accordance with these health guidelines.
• Instructed any clients to stay home if they are sick and seek appropriate medical care.
• Temporarily postponed client outings (this includes outside meetings) – alternative & virtual options are being made available

We will continue to follow directives from the CDC for next steps as to what precautions to take and how to evolve our treatment protocol. Our Clinical and Executive Teams are monitoring the situation closely and we are able to make necessary adjustments in real-time.

Sincerely ,









Joseph Hunter, CEO