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Gary overcame heroin addiction at Cycles of Change recovery.

Name: Gary

Sobriety Date: March 2016

Struggled With: Heroin, Opiates

Occupation: Staff member at Cycles of Change

Where I Am Today: Since my time in recovery at Cycles of Change, I’ve been able to reconnect with my sisters and help give them guidance in life. I have found my new purpose in life in helping others who are battling addiction as a staff member here at Cycles.

Gary started using heroin and other opiates when he was 18 years old, which resulted in an ugly addiction that took everything away from him. “I lost my little sisters, my home, I lost everything. But most importantly it took me. It took my morals, my codes, my beliefs and my life on the inside.”

As Gary’s addiction continued to worsen, he became more and more hopeless. He was lost and confused, and his life had no sense of meaning. He didn’t know how to live, and had days where he would wake up and pray for death. “I was alive but I was dying on the inside…[addiction] took my life without taking my breath.”

On three separate occasions, Gary was considered clinically dead as a result of overdoses, but was revived each time. He tried enrolling at other rehab facilities and moving to new environments to combat his addiction, but nothing was able to help him recover.

Gary eventually found himself at Cycles of Change, where he learned how to become in touch with his feelings and come to terms with emotional trauma that he had been suffering from since he was a child. They helped him realize he had been searching for who he was his entire life, and was finally put on the right path to discover his true self.

“It was the greatest blessing to ever happen to me in my life…they helped me with my feelings, my trauma, [and] my experiences. They showed love, true caring and concern…they gave me a safe environment here.”

Learn more about Gary’s story and how Cycles of Change helped him discover his purpose in life and reconnect with his loved ones:


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