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Regina overcame heroin addiction at Cycles of Change Recovery.

Name: Regina

Sobriety Date: November 2015

Struggled With: Heroin, Opiates

“I knew that if I didn’t [get help] I was going to die, and I was going to lose my family.”

When Regina came to Cycles of Change, she was lost, scared, and ashamed as a result of her ongoing battle with heroin addiction. She was not happy with what her life had become, and she questioned whether or not she could overcome her addiction and change her life.

At Cycles of Change Recovery, Regina was given the tools she needed to change her life. She learned a new way of living through the 12 Step Program, and received support and guidance from the counselors that helped open new doors for her.

Although it wasn’t always easy, Cycles of Change showed Regina that she could overcome her addiction and live a sober life:

“It was hard at first but in the end it was amazing…thank you [Cycles] for changing my life and showing me that I could change my life.”

Learn more about Regina’s story and how Cycles of Change taught her how to be herself again and rediscover happiness:


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