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shane Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California

Name: Shane

Location: Seattle, Washington

Sobriety Date: October 10th, 2018

Struggled With: Meth & Alcohol

Biggest Takeaway from Cycles of Change:Encouragement from the staff.

Shane’s story of meth and alcohol addiction begins in Seattle Washington. He struggled with these additions for about 5 years. His life before he came to Cycles of Change was a mess. He would take every chance he got to drink alcohol and take meth. He would even leave work to go to his car to get intoxicated. Shane had been to countless drug treatment centers before, but Cycles of Change helped him in a different way by bringing out the “Big Book” and showing him a new way of living clean and sober. They showed him how to change his attitude, which helped play a big part in his recovery.

“Joe Hunter the CEO would show up and teach groups. I have been to a lot of treatment centers, and I have never seen the CEO show up and teach a group or be that involved in the client’s education.”

It was difficult for him to ask for help again since he had been to other drug rehab centers in the past. Thanks to the caring staff, and their different approach to drug rehab, he can now return home to Seattle Washington and live a healthy and productive lifestyle again.

Learn more about Shane’s story and how Cycles of Changed helped him cope with his alcohol and meth addiction though professional and caring drug rehab.


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