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Shelby overcame heroin addiction at Cycles of Change

Name: Shelby

Sobriety Date: June 11, 2016

Struggled With: Heroin

Biggest Takeaway for Fellow Addicts Contemplating Rehab: “You are worth it. You deserve a better life…you don’t need to live the way you are living anymore. Because there is a solution to your problem, and it’s right here at Cycles of Change.”

Shelby’s life went down a very dark path when he became addicted to heroin as a teenager, bringing him a lot of pain and causing a lot of self loathing and shame. “I didn’t think I deserved a better life,” Shelby recalls. “I just didn’t want to live my life like that anymore.” So at age 18, Shelby decided to come to Cycles of Change Recovery and address his issues once and for all.

At Cycles of Change, Shelby learned how to combat his addiction, as well as his depression, by retraining his thoughts through one-on-one and group therapy. He also learned how to deal with his emotions rather than suppress them, something that he believes is “the most important thing that I have gained.”

Now that he is sober, Shelby is proud to be a good friend, a good sibling to his sister, and a respectable member of society. “Today I am a better person. Today I am accountable and trustworthy…I have integrity, I’m honest. I’m always teachable and willing to learn new things. Today I am happy.” Those feelings of self loathing and hatred that used to haunt Shelby have been replaced with feelings of self worth and love.

“If I hadn’t decided to come to Cycles of Change I don’t think that I would be here…I am just so grateful that I am alive today.”

Learn more about Shelby’s story and how Cycles of Change helped him discover how to love himself and become a better person:


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