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travis Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale California

Name: Todd

Sobriety Date: April 2016

Struggled With: Heroin

Favorite Program at Cycles of Change: 12 Step Program

Todd battled an addiction with heroin for years, leading to a life of chaos and destruction. “I would spend a lot of time, as far as neglecting my family and not being around them, and would spend a lot more time in the streets. The streets became my family.” Everything in his life was going downhill as a result of his addiction, and he knew he needed to get help before it was too late.

Todd came to Cycles of Change when he was at his lowest, and was dealing with a lot of anxiety, fear, and shame as a result of his addiction. He was hopeless, but was embraced by “family figures [that] had a true, caring concern,” who uplifted him and gave him hope for a better future.

The staff and the 12 Step Program helped him to relax and learn patience, as well as discover the root of his problems. “[The staff] gave me the structure to be able to face my situation, which was anxiety. And once the anxiety was gone I was able to buy into the process even more.”

Todd says the 12 Step Program and personalized treatment process were key to his recovery, and allowed him to embrace himself.

“Cycles of Change allowed me to embrace the fact that I am a father, I am a brother, and I am a friend. [They] taught me to not just embrace, but it taught me how to maintain and how to get outside of myself and think about other people instead of just myself…I am definitely a better person.”

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