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Benefits of a Small Treatment Staff and Community

small treatment staff

If you’re considering drug and alcohol treatment, you may have a lot of questions. What will the environment be like? How will you be treated? Will you have access to medication-assisted treatment? What will the treatment community be like? These are all reasonable questions you can prepare to ask. One question that is often overlooked is the size of the community you’ll be in when you opt to go to treatment. Treatment staff size can make a huge difference in the way a person responds to drug and alcohol treatment.

Treatment Staff Size Matters

Many people don’t realize that there are many benefits of a small treatment staff.

While many treatment centers offer a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, others are more focused on the individual. A smaller staff and clientele helps provide more individual attention. This is especially helpful for people who struggle with mental health disorders or those who have opted for medication-assisted treatment.

While in treatment, staff is able to monitor clients and spend more time one-on-one with them. Recovery is a journey, and while everyone can use tools to make the journey easier, there are many individual choices that staff can help clients make along the way.

After all, while no one became addicted overnight, each person seeking recovery has their own background and life story. For people who need help, a cookie cutter model treatment program isn’t the best option.

Learning Trust and Intimacy

Many people who enter treatment have trouble with personal relationships. Some have trauma in their backgrounds. It’s hard to open up when their are still wounds from the past.

A small treatment staff and community can help clients become more trusting and learn intimacy — not the sexual kind, but the friendship and family kind. Learning to trust can also help clients learn to become trustworthy themselves again.

Creating bond with others – not just staff, but others in the community as wel –  can help heal old wounds and create a new perspective when it comes to relationships. Addiction is a disease that wants to keep you lonely and isolated, but recovery offers new tools, relationships and friendships that can help you fight those lonely feelings.

With a smaller staff comes more personal attention and help when a person needs it, helping people cope with problems and issues as they arise.

Getting Help for Addiction

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