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How Family Therapy Helps Addiction Treatment

The primary goal of any addiction treatment program should be to help the person struggling with drug or alcohol abuse overcome their addiction. However, it’s also important to consider the ways that the family has been impacted. Many drug treatment programs include family therapy as it can help the individual, as well as provide an opportunity for the entire family to heal at the same time.

Family Therapy’s Impact on the Individual

When you enroll in a residential treatment program, the environment is different. You’re in constant contact with people either walking a similar path or staff who are there to help you on your journey to recovery. As you learn about the disease of addiction, you’re in a place that’s designed to be as supportive and nurturing as possible.

It can be helpful to bring your family into that same environment, so you can begin the process of healing your relationship with them in a safe, neutral space. Additionally, research shows that programs that include family therapy in conjunction with individual treatment can:

  • Lead to higher success rates
  • Reduce the risk of relapse
  • Help relieve stress

Healing the Family in Rehabilitation

The family also needs help healing from addiction. Physical, mental and emotional damage has been done, and any negative coping methods that have developed need to be addressed. Secrecy, self-blame and shame cannot be allowed to linger if the entire family is to move forward. Family therapy addresses these topics and allows each member to voice their own experience. Doing this in a neutral environment under the direction of a therapist can make the process much more productive.

Resolving Problematic Dynamics Through Family Therapy

Family issues are often a contributing factor in addiction. Uncovering past family trauma and dealing with it in a therapeutic setting can make healing possible. Other problematic family dynamics can occur in response to addiction. Family therapy educates the family about addiction and how to nurture recovery. When you all understand the problem at hand, it’s easier to provide support in a way that encourages and uplifts one another.

Family Therapy at Cycles of Change in California

The compassionate, professional staff at Cycles of Change is standing by to help you and your family recover from addiction. We understand that every situation is different, and your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs. Our rehabilitation program in Palmdale can provide the structured support that you and your family require to begin the process of healing. We can help with everything from the initial stages of detox to residential treatment to extended care programs. Take that first step towards recovery and contact our team now.


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