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Insomnia and Recovery


In early recovery, many individuals might experience post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), which often occurs two or so weeks after detox. One of the symptoms of this malady is insomnia. Many alcoholics and addicts tend to use their drug of choice to help them sleep. And often, those who are caught in the throes of addiction will find themselves collapsing in bed or even falling asleep on the floor, after a night of heavy drinking or using. (That often happened to me during the end of my drinking career).

Insomnia can be a real problem, but it can be avoided if a person checks into a comprehensive drug rehab like Cycles of Change Recovery Services in Palmdale, California. Addiction and alcoholism are diseases. While its wonderful to get support from a 12-step program, which helps alcoholics and addicts work on building a strong spiritual foundation, its crucial to deal with other issues that will surface during early recovery like co-occurring disorders, and trauma. Take away the alcohol and drugs, and the newly clean and sober person will find their minds often spinning.

Before I got sober, I felt like I was the eye inside a tornado. After I got sober, I felt like the tornado disappeared, but when I looked around I saw that there was a lot of wreckage I had to deal with. That caused much stress in my life, and coupled with anxiety and depression, I became very nocturnal, which can be even more depressing, because I would stay up for nights on end.

I mean, seriously, who wants to be a vampire, while the rest of the world is asleep?

I honestly wish I had gone to a great rehab like Cycles of Change, which employs evidence-based treatment, a strong 12-step approach, and experiential therapy. This is all designed to treat the body, spirit and mind. When these are treated, in early recovery, clients get a second chance at living a life filled with peace and happiness.

If you are looking for a place to get help for your alcoholism and/or drug addiction, Cycles of Change Recovery Services is a high end substance abuse and addiction treatment center that not only offers comprehensive services, but provides beautiful gender-specific facilities that will make you feel serene, safe and secure. They also utilize bio-sound therapy and psychodrama, all conducted in a safe atmosphere, that will help deal with trauma, which can also cause insomnia.

A chef prepares nutritious and delicious meals that will help your body become healthy. Exercise will help you relax, make you feel good about yourself, and will help you sleep.

It’s almost the start of a brand new year. Make your New Year’s resolution of getting clean and sober happen. Call Cycles of Change Recovery Health Services. The compassionate and highly qualified staff, many who are in recovery themselves, will be there waiting. It’s time for a brand new year, and a second chance at life!


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