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Is Heroin Worth The Price of A Life

Heroin LifeIn 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada’s TV station, Las Vegas Now Channel 8, featured a special report  which said that out of the entire nation, Nevada ranked the fourth highest for overdose deaths from drugs. John Fundenberg, a Clark County coroner confirmed that heroin, along with other opiate painkillers, was the main culprit for these tragic deaths. When addicts who are addicted to painkillers just can’t find another doctor or dentist to fill their prescriptions, they might try to hunt down a drug dealer. Then, they will discover that opiate painkillers cost a lot on the streets. So what do they do? They turn to heroin, which is cheap, and produces a more intense high.

But the euphoria which heroin produces is followed by drowsiness, along with other horrible withdrawal symptoms. After a short period of time, their bodies develop a tolerance. So they get caught in a vicious cycle.  They must inject, snort or smoke more dope to get the same level of euphoria that they experienced the first time they used.

It’s easy to overdose this way.


Have you ever heard of the expression, a deer in the headlights? This idiom is often used to describe the drug addict’s confused state of mind. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, abusing drugs impairs motor and cognitive capabilities. So overdosing is highly possible, because drug addicts have no logic when it comes to figuring out how much or how often they have used during a day.

And yes, it’s easy to die.

If the heroin is mixed with its deadlier cousin, fentanyl, or the addicts decide to add a few beers or some wine to the mix, well, lets just imagine they are like the deer in the headlights. The deer has two choices. It’s survival instincts can kick in and it can run to safety. Or like a drug addict who has used way too much, the deer remains frozen in the headlights.  And the result is tragic for both the drug addict and the deer.

Many addicts are so caught in the throes of their addiction, that even though they don’t want to use anymore, they have given up hope.  And they don’t believe help is possible.

At Cycles of Change Recovery Services, we offer hope. And we provide help.

Our Las Vegas Office will provide free treatment consultations.  In Las Vegas, we do mobile and phone assessments. Office assessments are offered, by appointment only. And we provide transportation to our beautiful rehab in Palmdale. First, you might need a stay in our sub-acute detox facility in Quartz Hill where you will be monitored around the clock by our experienced team of professionals. You will be provided with the appropriate level of care, as well as in-depth counseling.

And you will feel safe and secure.

After detox, you will enter one of our elegant gender-specific residences in Palmdale to undergo inpatient care. Our homes emanate old Hollywood charm in the picturesque Antelope Valley Desert.

Our clinical, evidence-based modalities not only treat substance abuse and addiction, but co-occurring disorders, which are often the root of chemical dependency. Our holistic approach treats mind, body and spirit. And our comprehensive 12-step program will help you find serenity, clarity and happiness.

Recovery will provide you with a second chance at a new life.

And you are not alone. Many of us have been there ourselves.

We look forward to your call.


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