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What to Look for in Luxury Drug Extended Care Programs


Lancaster Luxury Drug Extended Care Program

All over the world, there are so many drug treatment programs and rehab centers that promise absolute success in their rehabilitation programs. Unfortunately, sometimes everything is simply a marketing ploy. Nevertheless, there are still many drug treatment centers that are truly dedicated and committed to what they have envisioned in the beginning for their respective organizations. Some drug treatment centers have gone out of their way to really provide exceptional service to their constituents. This is exactly what the residents of Lancaster, California have been enjoying all this time. And if you are curious as to what makes this particular luxury drug treatment center is offering the residents of Lancaster, then read on.

Choosing a Rehabilitation Facility with JCI Accreditation

A truly dedicated luxury treatment center must, first and foremost, duly accredited and duly licensed by government regulatory agencies. Now, if the drug treatment centers has the well-recognized seal of excellence – the Behavioral Health Home Certification from the Joint Commission International, or JCI – then you can be doubly sure about the quality of both services and facilities including systems that this particular drug treatment center has. The JCI seal and the Joint Commission accreditation has always been taken as a symbol of excellence, a true mark of dedication to superior service, unparalleled patient safety, and soundness of organizational foundations and management. Many healthcare institutions continue to strive for JCI accreditation but only the best ever get the recognition. If you see a luxury drug rehab center serving the residents of Lancaster, CA with the JCI seal, then you can bet it is the worthiest decisions you will ever make.

Now, some truly dedicated luxury drug treatment centers do not stop with JCI accreditation. You might also want to consider membership and certification coming from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers or NAATP. Having this certification is guarantee that the drug treatment center adheres to the nationally-recognized treatment protocols. These are all geared towards ensuring optimum quality and safe patient care.

Putting the Needs of the Client First

A dedicated drug treatment center puts the welfare of the rehabilitee first above all else. This means that from admission until discharge from the treatment and rehabilitation program, you are the king. A dedicated drug treatment center should be able to facilitate the ease of admission, meaning you don’t have to be stressed filling up forms and waiting in line just to receive the kind of care that you need. Once you enter the premises of a truly dedicated drug treatment center, then you can expect to be treated with utmost respect and value for your presence. This extends well into the design of highly individualized plans of care. A drug treatment center should not use generic care plan templates because these do not reflect your own unique characteristics and the circumstances surrounding your drug or substance addiction. This means that the drug treatment center should be able to get as much assessment findings from you upon which a plan of care can be designed. Again, even in the planning of your care, you will have to be included in every step of the planning process. By the time you are ready to leave the drug treatment center, you will still be given adequate social support to prevent the possibility of drug relapses as you start to lead a more sober life after rehabilitation.

JCI Accreditation & Commitment to Excellence

As an extension of the seal of quality, JCI accredited and NAATP member drug treatment centers must ensure they comply with the necessary standards of professional competencies expected from their healthcare personnel. This means that the doctor who is going to supervise your medical treatment and the psychologists and behavioral specialists who will manage your therapies must possess all the necessary competencies required of them. Even your nurses and health aides must be able to demonstrate competence especially in the care of individuals undergoing drug treatment and rehabilitation. It simply follows that the seal of quality from JCI and NAATP also assures you of highly qualified, duly licensed, and truly competent drug treatment and rehabilitation professionals.

Luxury Extended Care Programs at Their Finest

Luxury speaks of comfort and convenience as well as a general sense of safety and overall functionality. Looking for a true luxury drug treatment center should focus on the determination of the presence of modern living amenities including a milieu that fosters healthy and beneficial interpersonal relationships. Venues for the different therapeutic programs must be set in a home-style milieu so that it will be non-threatening, helps foster open communication, and enhances interpersonal relationship skills.

A truly luxurious drug treatment center will have gender-separate home-style therapeutic milieus in order to help facilitate openness and trust-building. Because some drug treatment programs will also require absolute concentration and focus, it does pay to look for a drug treatment center that can provide for absolutely peaceful and tranquil environment. This is something that many successful rehabilitees from Lancaster are truly proud of.

Wide-Ranging, Highly-Individualized Treatment Plans

Some drug treatment centers only focus on one or two treatment modalities. A truly dedicated luxury drug treatment center, on the other hand, knows the value of highly individualized rehabilitation programs. As such, there must be as many available effective drug treatment programs as possible in order to provide a more varied option for rehabilitees. Because no two persons are exactly alike, a particularly effective drug treatment program may not always work because of personal differences. While some can find meaning in yoga and meditation, some would consider psychodrama as being more effective. If you don’t like these therapeutic modalities, maybe you would prefer immersing yourself in some biosound therapy. The whole point is that different drug treatment center guests will have different personalities; hence, different preferences when it comes to therapies. What may work for you may not necessarily work for another. This is the value of a highly-individualized rehabilitation plan that only truly dedicated drug treatment centers can adequately provide and guarantee.

If you are looking for a truly dedicated and top-of-the-class drug treatment center you simply do not have to look very far. If you are already in Lancaster, there is one that has been providing the best drug treatment program for a long time now. All you need to look for are the things stated above and you will be able to zero-in on the best drug treatment center.

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