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Why is Gratitude So Important in Recovery?


During my second year of sobriety, when I lived in Palmdale, my neighbor, who was also in recovery, would periodically send me texts like, “Keep on rockin’ that attitude of gratitude!” Every time I would see one of her texts, I would cringe.

It took me several years to realize that “rocking an attitude of gratitude” is vital to recovery!

But the truth is that many people, not just recovering alcoholics and addicts, have a hard time feeling grateful. According to a blog by Neel Burton, M.D. in Psychology Today, “gratitude has many benefits, but it’s hard to cultivate.”

For newly clean and sober men and women, gratitude is almost crucial. Not only does experiencing a sense of gratitude help them realize how amazing it is that they are clean and sober, but also by focusing on a positive outlook, the dangers of relapse lessen.

Being in a comprehensive drug rehab program, like the inpatient care that is offered at Cycles of Change Recovery Services, will not only help you become clean and sober, but will also help you foster gratitude.  At Cycles of Change Recovery Services, it’s all about treating the mind, body and spirit. Not only does this gorgeous drug rehab implement a 12-step approach, but also their evidence-based modalities and experiential therapies will help you begin to heal from co-occurring disorders like trauma, depression and anxiety.

Establishing a sense of gratitude is about shifting your focus, and viewing the world through a new lens. It’s about feeling connected to the universe and to other human beings. A sense of gratitude will make believe that you do belong on this planet and will eradicate feelings of despair and loneliness.

At Cycles of Change Recovery Services, we are here to help you get on the right track mentally, physically and spiritually. We are here to help you understand that you have a right to be happy!

Recovery is more than just maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It requires a complete metamorphosis. And we are here to help you undergo that transformation and guide you towards a brand new life.


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