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Detecting Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

“Cocaine’s a hell of a drug,” is one of the most quoted comedy sketch lines of all time. It’s used as a punchline to explain musical artist Rick James’ dangerous and erratic behavior in a series of scenes reenacted by talented comedians. The presentation of the material and the distance between the audience and the situation makes for humorous television, but the reality of being around someone struggling with cocaine addiction is anything but a laughing matter. Emotional and physical pain are often involved as well as financial and legal trouble. If you’re worried your loved one might be using cocaine or could be addicted to the drug, here are some of the warning signs.

Who Uses Cocaine?

Cocaine can be an expensive habit to maintain, but it’s not solely a problem for the wealthy. Nearly 15% of Americans will try cocaine at some point in their lifetimes. People under intense pressure to perform at a high level are more likely to use the drug. A number of co-occurring mental health issues can also increase the risk of cocaine addiction. These are worrying statistics because cocaine is one of the most psychologically addictive substances available. Some may develop addiction after the first time trying it.

Signs That Someone Might Be Using Cocaine

Highs with cocaine come and go quickly—lasting maybe 15-30 minutes. This can lead to binging behavior which greatly increases the chance of addiction. People experiencing the effects of cocaine may feel hyperactive or hyper-productive. They can feel like they’re generating good ideas or artistic work and will try to accomplish as much as possible while those feelings of euphoria are still present. Nosebleeds are a common physical symptom, and you may notice muscle twitches or tremors.

Identifying Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

As the body begins to go through withdrawals, your loved one may seem depressed or muted in comparison. Feelings of lethargy, fatigue and discomfort lead to less activity. Irritability is another common symptom. The length and severity of the addiction as well as other factors unique to each person can make the experience different. If you notice your family member or friend having frequent swings between these highs and lows, there might be a problem with cocaine addiction. While withdrawals are not typically life-threatening, they can lead to relapse and overdose.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Palmdale, California

Cycles of Change is the premier cocaine rehab treatment program in California. Our Palmdale center specializes in making the detoxification process as smooth as possible. This first step in the addiction recovery journey is vital, and our compassionate, experienced staff wants your loved one to succeed. We know that addiction harms the entire family, so we use family therapy to begin the healing process for everyone. These are components in comprehensive, personalized treatment plans that aim to help our clients make positive lifestyle changes and regain control of their lives. Reach out to our team now for a confidential conversation about how you can help your loved one recover from cocaine addiction.


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