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Drug Recovery

Who can forget Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserly character from Charles Dickens’ timeless novel, A Christmas Carol?

During the holidays, Scrooge experiences symptoms that are indicative of PTSD. The very sights and sounds of Christmas fill him with resentment and dread.

Thanks to the visits of a few ghosts, Scrooge experiences a spiritual rebirth. These phantasms not only help him connect to his traumatic childhood and his present isolated existence, but the last ghost which shows Scrooge his future, shows him a terrifying vision of his own tombstone. Ebenezer becomes aware that his life will have a tragic and lonely end.

And so it is with alcoholics and addicts who are suffering in the throes of addiction. Like Scrooge, they are walking on a dark and lonely road. Unless they turn their lives around, their future looks bleak.

The holidays are especially tough for alcoholics and addicts. Besides suffering from chemical dependency, other issues might pop up. Visits from the “ghosts” of Christmas past, present and future might make alcoholics and addicts even more depressed. The memories of past traumas, the reality of their current situations and a dread of the future can compel them to drink and/or use even more, in the hopes of gaining temporary relief. What often happens is that these individuals end up feeling worse, while their lives continue to fall apart.

Sometimes they meet tragic ends.

But like Scrooge, they can turn their lives around.

But they need help in doing so.

At Cycles of Change Recovery Services, we are here to offer you that help, as well as the promise of a new beginning.

We provide comprehensive inpatient care at two gorgeous gender-specific homes located in Palmdale, California. Our substance abuse and addiction treatment program includes trauma-focused therapy, which helps residents heal from the damages of PTSD. Additionally, we offer comprehensive dual diagnosis support designed to help those with co-occurring disorders. Clients in need of detox will be referred to our sub-acute detox facility in Quartz Hill, a picturesque suburb in Lancaster, California. All of our clients undergo comprehensive assessments, and receive individualized treatment plans.

There is no reason for you to suffer anymore and feel so alone. There are others who have walked the same path, and have recovered. They will be here to walk with you, as you embark on a brand new journey that will offer you the chance at a new life, one that is filled with happiness, hope and peace.

The best gift that you can give yourself this Holiday season is the gift of recovery. We look forward to your call.

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