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Residential Drug Treatment at Cycles of Change

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of visiting Cycles of Change in Palmdale, California. I was freelancing for an online recovery magazine, and I was assigned to review Cycles of Change and write an article about their services.

I was truly blown away by the beautiful facility. I was at the woman’s house in Palmdale, which is a breathtaking Mediterranean villa that looks like a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills, an area that I lived in when I was married. While I was at Cycles, I thought, How I wish I had gotten treatment for my alcoholism at Cycles of Change!

Thanks to a 12-step program, I became clean and sober. But if I could do it all over again, I would have gone to Cycles of Change because not only do they offer a comprehensive 12-step approach where clients learn about the steps, and work a fourth step inventory, but also they have evidence-based treatment designed to treat both substance addiction as well as co-occurring disorders.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

When I got sober on November 28, 2011, not only did I suffer from delirium tremens, but also after that I went through post acute withdrawal syndrome. It was as if I opened a Pandora’s box, and all my co-occurring disorders popped out. There was depression and anxiety, followed by PTSD symptoms. Even though I stayed sober, I really needed help for my depression and anxiety. While the 12-steps are amazing, they focus on providing support for alcoholism and drug addiction. Even Bill W. wrote, “We are not physicians.” Depression, anxiety, and trauma are serious illnesses and needed to be treated as such. It is crucial to get the services of a licensed professional when it comes to healing from these mental health issues.

These days, I see a therapist and a psychiatrist. But I feel that if I had gone to Cycles of Change, which offers comprehensive dual diagnosis support, I would have reached a level of peace much sooner and would have built a stronger foundation in my recovery.

The bottom line is, if you are sick, you will go to a doctor, right? Well, it’s the same thing with alcoholism and drug addiction. You need the help of professionals who have the objectivity and expertise to help. You will find such a team of professionals at Cycles of Change. And not only that, the therapists and counselors at Cycles of Change are very supportive and understanding, because many of them are in recovery themselves.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases. It’s important to treat them that way.

Holistic Rehab at Cycles of Change

At Cycles of Change, a holistic approach is employed to treat the mind, body and spirit. It’s hard to be spiritual when you can’t get out of bed because although you are sober, you are depressed. Believe me, I know. And honestly, I am surprised I survived the DT’s. Cycles of Change offers an amazing sub-acute detox program that would have truly helped me with my horrible withdrawal symptoms.

I suffered for nothing and recovery is not about suffering. If I could do it all over again, I would have admitted myself into the residential treatment program at Cycles of Change and had gotten the comprehensive help that I needed and that I deserved.

When you make the decision that you need a residential rehab program for your drinking and/or using, the first thing that you need to do is stop beating yourself up, and treat yourself like the precious person that you were always meant to be.

By getting treatment at Cycles of Change, you will give yourself the best gift of all, the gift of sobriety, along with comprehensive treatment that will make you feel happy to be clean and sober, and will teach you how to live in the moment, and learn how to take care of yourself, as you embark on a brand new life.

If you or a loved one is looking for residential drug treatment, please contact us for more information and one of our experts will get back to you.


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