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Las Vegas Alcohol and Drug Abuse

So, what comes to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas, or more commonly known as Vegas?  Back in the day, Vegas earned the title Sin City, thanks to its abundance of casinos, showgirls, and other types of adult attractions. Las Vegas is always brimming with tourists, many who think of the city as “fun” and “entertaining.” But for those suffering from substance addiction, Vegas is not that much fun. If anything, for an alcoholic or drug addict looking for alcohol and drug treatment, living in Vegas can be scary, overwhelming and lonely.

According to a recent Las Vegas Sun article by Anna Ley,  “Besides gambling, no pastime better defines Las Vegas culture than drinking.” That is a fact.

The casinos of Las Vegas offer plenty of alcohol to clients, and many of the drinks are free so that clients can get intoxicated, and thus, spend their money gambling. And with only a small number of exemptions, which includes not drinking at least a 1000 feet in front of a church, school, mosque, hospital or synagogue, people are allowed to drink openly in the streets.  It’s not uncommon to walk down the Vegas strip and see a tourist or two sipping booze out of a plastic cup. And even though the drinking age is 21 and older, it’s not that hard to get alcohol. Unlike the state of Utah, which has limited establishments that sell liquor, Nevada is almost a free-for-all, when it comes to acquiring and drinking. And what about drugs? Drug addiction, along with alcoholism, is a major life-threatening problem in Las Vegas.

According to the National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASIC), “Las Vegas and Reno have garnered Nevada a worldwide reputation for vice and excess. Its gambling, nightlife and entertainment culture have given people from all walks of life a sort of oasis where they can lose their inhibitions for the entire length of their trip.”  And according to the NASIC, the state of Nevada, specifically the cities of Las Vegas and Reno, is home to “one of the world’s most thriving illegal drug markets.  It’s difficult to determine what the most popular drug in Nevada is, as the state is home to a booming inventory of practically every illegal substance.”

The reality is that Las Vegas has miles of businesses ready to sell alcohol. And on the streets, it’s not that hard to find drug dealers selling their wares, almost like souvenir shops selling memorabilia. This reality is a nightmare for an alcoholic and addict seeking alcohol and drug treatment in Las Vegas. But here’s a twist on a famous slogan.

What happens in Vegas does not have to stay in Vegas.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Las Vegas

There is hope for men and women looking for help. And that hope and help comes from Cycles of Change, a luxurious residential treatment facility based in Palmdale, California. Cycles of Changes offers a plethora of substance abuse and addiction treatment services including inpatient and outpatient care, sub-acute detox, and transitional living homes.

Our inpatient care includes two beautiful gender-specific Mediterranean-style houses in Palmdale, each accommodating eight clients. Private and semi-private suites are available.  At Cycles of Change, our Las Vegas satellite facility is readily available to assist clients who are looking for drug and/or alcohol treatment. Men and women receive comprehensive assessments with a licensed professional who helps them determine the appropriate treatment protocol. After a comprehensive assessment with a licensed professional, clients begin the journey to recovery. Transportation to our beautiful facilities is provided.

Prior to attending residential treatment in Palmdale, some clients are admitted into our high-end sub-acute detox facility in Quartz Hill, an idyllic and upscale neighborhood in Lancaster, California. Detox is very important, and often withdrawals from chemical substances can be life threatening, unless conducted in the proper environment. Our sub-acute detox offers medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone, and Librium to help ease withdrawals.

Additionally, medical and licensed professionals will monitor clients around the clock. Besides some medication, our sub-acute detox facility employs a social model, which means that clients receive counseling and therapy. And if appropriate, friends and family become part of the process, too.

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Detox length varies per client and takes into account certain factors like age, the severity and length of the addiction, the type of chemical substance ingested, body type and physical health. Typically, the length of stay varies between two days and two weeks. During their stay, clients are always provided with ample support, wonderful food and a lush environment. For men and women requiring more intensive detoxification, recommendations to local hospitals are made, where they can receive the proper level of care.

Detox is not a matter that staff at Cycles of Change takes lightly.  It’s a serious matter that requires the attention and care of medical professionals. After completing detox, clients are admitted into one of our beautiful residential treatment facilities. One house is for men, and the other house is for women, and both homes resemble gorgeous Mediterranean-style villas that one might find in the Hollywood Hills area in Los Angeles.

Once clients begin the journey to recovery at Cycles of Change, they never have to feel alone, scared or overwhelmed again. Nor do they ever have to drink or use again. Our program is based on a 12-step approach, and besides evidence-based practices we utilize holistic therapies designed to treat the body, spirit and mind. Our licensed counselors provide each and every client with an individualized treatment plan, which best suits their personal needs.

Drug & Alcohol Therapy in Las Vegas

At Cycles of Change, clients attend group and individual therapy, participate in holistic therapies like meditation and yoga, as well as alternative healing methods like psychodrama, and biosound therapy which helps clients that suffer from trauma.

We are highly aware that men and women who suffer from alcoholism and addiction often have co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression and PTSD. Clients requiring dual diagnosis support for mental health issues are referred to our staff psychiatrist.

At our beautiful rehabs, clients are provided serene and luxurious surroundings, caring and professional counselors, and compassionate staff. We aim to provide clients with the tools necessary for permanent sobriety. Our residents learn to receive and provide support with their fellow housemates. As a group, they are transported to local 12-step meetings, where they meet other fellow addicts and alcoholics in recovery.  They realize that truly, they are not alone anymore and never will be alone again if they don’t want to be.

Las Vegas Recovery

While there are so many drugs and alcohol rampant in the city of Vegas, the truth is a client can maintain their recovery, by receiving the proper treatment and care, and following up with aftercare and a recovery support protocol. After our clients complete primary care which varies between 30 and 90 days, Cycles of Change offers aftercare. By this time, clients have been attending 12-step meetings, and working on their steps.

Once a client enters Cycles of Change, they will forever be part of a new family. They learn that sobriety is priceless, and that there are others, just like them, who are walking down the same path.

Should you live in Las Vegas, and suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction and don’t know where to turn, you have come to the right place.

We are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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