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Nevada Drug Rehab

Besides the fact that Las Vegas, Nevada is a city that is synonymous with excessive alcohol use and gambling, drugs are not that hard to find, and heroin, because it’s cheap and highly addictive, is becoming a growing epidemic especially among younger people.

According to Jackie Valley’s article for the Las Vegas Sun, heroin “is the Las Vegas Valley’s fastest-growing drug problem, plunging a disproportionate number of teens and young adults into the throes of a powerful addiction.”

Heroin users are prone to skin infections, and a blood infection known as sepsis, which leads to organ failure. Sharing needles is extremely dangerous, as addicts are prone to getting AIDS and Hepatitis C.

Besides drugs, alcohol runs rampant in Vegas. After leaving an establishment or club that sells liquor, clients that are not quite finished with their drinks, can get a plastic cup and just like ordering a cappuccino or latte from Starbucks, can request that they take the alcohol to go!
No wonder there is a lot of alcoholism and addiction in Las Vegas.

The Dangers of Alcohol Tolerance

During the later stages of alcoholism and drug addiction, alcoholics and/or addicts don’t get the instant buzz or high that they used to get. They must consume more alcohol, inject more heroin or use more of the drug that they are addicted to. And even then, the buzz or high isn’t as intense as once used to be.

It’s not fun anymore.

If anything, the stakes have gotten higher.

By this point, they are gambling with their lives.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab at Cycles of Change

At Cycles of Change Recovery Services, we are here to help clients who are suffering from addiction. While located in Palmdale, California, our satellite facility in Las Vegas welcomes those who are struggling with their addiction, and who want to get help. We offer transportation to our beautiful facilities in California. Our gorgeous gender-specific Mediterranean style villas will be your home for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Should you require detox, we offer a safe and high-end sub acute detox facility in quiet and picturesque Quartz Hill, an upper class neighborhood in Lancaster, California.

But why go to a drug rehab in California?

Why not find a drug rehab in Nevada?

And why Cycles of Change Recovery Services?

Well, for one thing, sometimes travelling to a new place allows clients to put a safe gap between themselves and their triggers. Sometimes its good to be away from people, places or things that prompt our need to use or drink, until we can get clean and sober, and build a foundation in sobriety.

And sometimes being away from home makes it easier to commit to a treatment program.

Travelling to a drug rehab outside of Nevada is the start of a new journey. And we believe that getting clean and sober is the beginning of a wonderful lifelong voyage.

Additionally, our high-end drug rehab is safely enclosed in the scenic Antelope Valley desert, which many people view as an oasis. For high profile, and executive clients we offer the perfect locale.

We respect your privacy.

Additionally, we offer personalized attention and individualized treatment plans for all of our clients.

We want to make sure that residents feel safe and secure in every way possible. Each of our gorgeous, gender-specific Mediterranean style houses, where clients live during inpatient care, accommodates only eight clients at a time. The houses are situated in high-end neighborhoods, and provide splendid views of the surrounding landscape, which includes stunning sunsets, and a desert milieu. Each house has a pool, which is lit up at night with lights and fountain, a patio and a private smoking area.

Residents are transported to 12-step meetings in luxury vans.

At Cycles of Change, the highly credentialed staff is there to help clients every step of the way. After participating in the residential treatment program, clients will begin to transform into happier, and healthier men and women.
The heaviness and despair that goes hand in hand with substance addiction will be replaced with a sense of lightness, and hope. The excessive existence that many find in cities like Las Vegas will lose meaning, and will be replaced by a more fulfilling lifestyle, one that is based on good physical and mental health.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Besides treating alcoholism and addiction, Cycles of Change Recovery Services is aware that co-occurring disorders often go hand in hand with substance addiction. Feelings of depression, anxiety and trauma often surface in early sobriety. This is normal. Our trained staff is there to provide medical and mental health support.

While we use a 12-step approach, we also offer evidence-based modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and motivational interviewing (MI). These are scientifically proven modalities that treat alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Additionally, we offer alternative therapies, including biosound therapy, which helps clients suffering from trauma, and psychodrama, which allows clients to engage in role-play and to safely re enact old scenarios from their lives, events that might have caused them to drink or use in the first place.

Besides treatment, our residents eat delicious and healthy food, which is prepared by a chef. All nutritional needs, including vegetarian diets, are accommodated. Besides treating the mind and spirit, we aim to treat the body.
Exercise, meditation and yoga are an active part of the curriculum. Clients will learn to get in touch with their bodies, and learn to feel good about themselves!

Our holistic approach is highly effective, and medically proven to ensure that our clients stay clean and sober. As long as they are willing to work on their recovery, we are there to help.

Sometimes being in a city like Las Vegas, where drinking and using sometimes appear to be the norm, can throw men and women who suffer from alcoholism and addiction into heavy despair. Besides providing a safe refuge for our residents in our beautiful residential treatment facilities in Palmdale, you will make new friends. You will find that your fellow housemates often feel and think like you do.

After going to meetings, and talking to our counselors, many who are in recovery, including our CEO and founder Joe Hunter, who has over two decades of recovery, you will begin to build a new life.

And most importantly, before you know it, you will realize that life has new meaning. The depression and loneliness will disappear.

The future will hold a sense of hope. Life will start to fall into place.

You are not alone, nor do you ever have to feel alone again.

We are waiting to welcome you with open arms at Cycles of Change Recovery Services.

All it takes is one phone call.

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