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Seeking Help: Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehab Center

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Addiction is a powerful disease. And it doesn’t take long for it to consume your life. The only way to overcome addiction is to seek help. Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it? You’re not alone. Choosing the right rehab center is the first step. That’s where we come in.

Located in California, our Palmdale luxury residential alcohol rehab programs can show you the way to wellness. We offer a continuum of care and a variety of programs so that you can easily find one that fits your individual needs.

Not sure if rehab is right for you? Learn more about problem drinking and alcoholism.

Successful Alcohol Rehab Programs

Behind every successful rehab program is a qualified team. Our alcohol and drug rehab staff is dedicated to you as an individual. The team is made up of licensed clinical psychologists, family therapists, a medical staff and other industry professionals fully invested in your journey to life-long sobriety.

We understand that addiction is complex but treatable, and we’ll be there with you from beginning to end. Your team is specially trained and will work with you and your family to create a customized treatment plan designed for your specific needs. From intake to recovery, the addiction counselors at our Palmdale, California facilities will compassionately walk you through each step to a new life free from the restraints of addiction.

Continuum of Care for Alcohol Addiction

COC integrates evidence-based, state-of-the-art clinical methodologies such as motivational interviewing, EMDR, CBT, DBT, psychodrama, sociometry and other modern therapies into our 12 step-centered framework and philosophy.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to rehab programs. Every individual’s addiction is a little different, and their treatment should be too. We offer a continuum of care to address your unique needs.

  • Addiction detox: Drug addiction detox and alcohol addiction detox are necessary steps to the recovery process. Our qualified, experienced and compassionate treatment team is here to ensure you move through your program safely, with the least amount of physical discomfort. These dedicated professionals care about you, want to see you succeed and will be there with you through your entire program.
  • Residential treatment: Our residential treatment center offers you a comfortable home where you can escape the stress of everyday life and focus on getting healthy (inside and out). We offer 30-day, 60-day, 90-day and one year residential rehabilitation programs at Cycles of Change, Palmdale, CA.
  • Outpatient programs: Our partial hospitalization program is a long-term outpatient program that provides you with the opportunity to begin adjusting to life outside of the treatment center. You’ll go home each night and return each day to receive the full support of our counselors and the benefits of our recovery programs.
  • Sober living program: Perhaps you have a healthy new outlook on life but aren’t yet ready to return home. Even with relapse tools on hand, temptation in the early days of sobriety can remain strong. Cycles of Change offers a sober living home for individuals who find themselves in this situation. It’s a way for those who have completed rehab to transition into everyday life through structure and support in a comfortable setting.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Toolkit

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to overcome your alcohol addiction in a safe and secure environment. It’s our job to help you stay on track, reach your goals and make the positive lifestyle changes you desire.

  • Nutritional and medical management (including medication management)
  • Rehab counseling
  • Interactive family programs
  • Assessment of medical and psychiatric requirements
  • 24/7 on-site medical help and supervision
  • Interpersonal relationship development
  • Addiction education (how to prevent relapse)
  • After care programs and counseling

Even after you’ve completed your rehab, you’ll be provided with a good support group, regular fellowship meetings and wellness resources to promote healthy habits so you can maintain a sober life.

Meet Margi

“Cycles of Change was my third rehab after a life long struggle with alcohol dependence. There I found a staff that was caring and attentive. The program was structured to include all aspects of recovery, not only my addiction but my spirit and body. I learned more here about the disease and about myself than I had anywhere else. I am going on three years of being clean and sober and my son is also an alumni with almost two years clean. If you are tired of being tired, if you are ready for a sober life I highly recommend Cycles of Change, they saved both my son’s and my life.”

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