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December 21, 2017

Client Success Stories from Kern County Drug Treatment Program

From Detox to Continuing Care – the Value of a Comprehensive Drug Treatment Program

There is a cause for rejoicing among the residents of Kern County, California. Some luxury inpatient residential drug treatment and rehabilitation centers are doing their part in making sure that individuals who seek drug treatment and rehabilitation will be able to successfully reintegrate in their respective communities and neighborhoods with lesser chances of drug relapses. This is made possible through a more comprehensive approach to the overall management of the illicit substance addiction and abuse problem that starts with the formal taking-in phase and continues well after the individual has already completed his 30-, 60-, or 90- day drug treatment and rehabilitation program.

Inpatient Detox

While some drug treatment centers purposely leave detoxification to other medical and drug treatment facilities, a true luxury inpatient residential drug treatment center makes detox as a key component to the overall success of the drug treatment program.

Detoxification always starts with a comprehensive yet very detailed assessment of the individual’s overall health status instead of just focusing merely on the substance that is causing the addiction. This is necessary in order to determine any patterns of physiologic abnormalities or even the presence of an underlying medical problem which may compound the whole detox program. Additionally, the comprehensive health assessment will enable the drug treatment specialists and healthcare personnel to identify any possible mental health problems, behavioral issues, as well as emotional concerns that may have to be addressed during the rehabilitation phase of the drug treatment program.

Once everything has been duly noted and the plan of care is being prepared, individuals are then supported throughout the entire duration of the detoxification process. As this stage is crucial, success will often require the full cooperation and support of the individual’s family members, loved ones, friends, and other social support systems. This is necessary in order to provide the necessary motivation and encouragement to the individual as he goes through some of the most painful stages of the whole drug treatment and rehabilitation process.

The detox team is also on round-the-clock monitoring so that they can provide the necessary measures to make the whole detoxification process a lot more bearable for the individual. Even before the detox treatment begins, the healthcare team will prepare the individual regarding what to expect during the treatment process. Reassurances will often be given that he will be supported all throughout his detox.

Innovative Inpatient Treatment Centers

Once the detox process has been completed, the individual is then moved to one of fully furnished residences wherein he will be spending the rest of his drug rehabilitation days until completion. For many Kern County residents, or residents in the Bakersfield, CA area, staying at these home-style milieus provide optimum comfort, function, and safety that they expect from a luxury residential inpatient drug treatment center.

All rehabilitation programs are highly-individualized to reflect the different assessment findings prior to the initiation of the detoxification process. This highly individualized, highly personalized plans of care takes into consideration the individual’s overall physical and psychological health in order to come up with the best and most appropriate therapeutic regimens to ensure optimum success. Management of the individual’s medical, nutritional, and psychological needs are paramount to ensuring the success of the drug treatment and rehabilitation program. Counseling is a major component of the whole treatment process in order to equip the individual with the correct set of knowledge, skills, and attitude which is deemed necessary for him to function in the outside world while maintaining sobriety.

Additionally, the members of the family of a Kern County rehab center client are also encouraged to join in family-focused group discussion in order to help foster healthier and more supportive family dynamics. The luxury residential inpatient drug treatment center also helps both the individual and his family develop their interpersonal relationship and communication skills which is often lacking in other drug treatment programs. They are also taught on using improved living skills in order to fully optimize their reintegration into the general society. Of particular importance is the education of the individual and his family regarding the use of medications. This is crucial because of the growing concerns for the increased misuse of prescription drugs in lieu of illicit substances. Furthermore, health teachings on the prevention of drug relapse and post-rehabilitation counseling are also included.

A client of a Kern county rehab center can also take full advantage of truly innovative drug treatment programs such as psychodrama, biosound therapy, meditation, and yoga in order to optimize the full range of benefits of the drug treatment and rehabilitation program.

Continuing Care

Caring for a Kern County rehab center alumni does not end with the completion of the drug rehabilitation program. A true luxury drug treatment center facilitates regular fellowship meetings as well as directing the alumni to the various social support groups that are available in the Kern County area. Access to wellness resources and facilities are also facilitated in order to ensure the continued health promoting habits that have been developed in the rehab center. The individual’s family and friends continue to receive guidance and feedback on how to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to the alumni so that he stays sober.

This is very important in ensuring the success of the rehabilitation program. Otherwise, without the support of the whole Kern County community, it will be quite impossible to provide continuity of care. Additionally, some luxury drug treatment centers are now working closely with other members of the community in an effort to create a more accepting and non-judgmental environment for successful drug rehabilitation alumni. This is necessary if ever Kern County ever wants to see its drug dependent residents staying away from illicit substances for good.

While the rest of the nation is still pretty much struggling to come to terms with the harsh realities of the drug scourge, Kern County residents can feel confident in the fact that a true luxury residential inpatient drug treatment center exists specifically to help their drug-troubled residents lead a much sober life. This is what they have been waiting for – the hope that a more comprehensive drug treatment program will help ensure their loved ones stay drug-free and sober for the rest of their lives.

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